Football Manager 2007 Tips

hidden stars
ive looked around loads of these sites and have never come across any of these players.all become world class some the best the game will ever produce
H wagner
M Cisse (becomes the best, Potential attributes 199)
R Venema (costs 2K)
O Ustari

Chi Hung Earnest(the best there will ever be.pot ability 199.geniecout says better than ronaldinho but hes only a wb)
A douischer(all your scouts will advise against but becomes incredible)
r Cano
C Coccia
A Tuia
Valber *****
Albertino Silva
R Smirnov
R saunders
Joao Carlos
O Azmi
A takacs
B pignot

S Graham
A vujic
M Gemmiti
M Cabrini
G donnelly
S kehl
J hock
D scolozzi

Attacking Mids
C orellano
P leon A niguez
D bergsma
s zimmermann(potential attributes 199, better than ronaldinho)
M al-subiani
B Di Gennaro(next messi)

M camara******
B ozan********
e velten
S royle
G rasmussen
s muller
p william(south african)

Some of these players wont come into the game until the 2nd or 3rd season but try and do anything to sign them because all of them will be the best