Football Manager 2007 Tips

Great Players...Try them!
Arouca (He'll do well on the first 2 seasons, then, after your team grows up, sell him)

Hamdi Salihi (This guy you can have him for free. When you beign a new game. Search for him, he's in KF Tirana. Trust me, he's really good for the first 2 seasons too. Then, when he's around 6M, sell him.)

Daniel Carvalho (He's a Must Buy! He's the Midfield Headmaster, he scores sometimes and assists even more...almost every game I would say)

Andres Guardado (Another Must Buy, specially if you use 4-3-3 or 5-3-2 counter-attack.)

Nilmar (My third Must Buy. He scores every game, he's fast, he's agile, he's young and talented. And believe it or not he even scores headers many times.He was the winner of the Best Player in the World Award twice in my team)

Alexandre Pato (I can't believe none of you mentioned this one. He's very young and certainly far more talented than Scott Sinclair I believe. Try to buy him as quick as you can because he'll get even more and more expensive 'till 30M.)

Tevfik Kose (It's hard to say which one is better. Alexandre ou Kose...I'd say Kose. He's a great header, scores a lot at long range, great free-kicker [gets 20 with trainning I guess] and combines in perfection with Nilmar)

João Moutinho (Another Must Buy. Combines really really good with Daniel Carvalho. The 2 Headmasters in my team.)

Zé Castro (Great Defender, it's hard to beat him whether in the air or on the ground. Very good player and cheap too.)

Rafinha ( You can't let this one get away! Awesome player, amazing speed, great free-kicker.)