Football Manager 2007 Tips

Amazin Side Brought Yound Become Amazin
I am currently nootingham forest and i have been in the premiership since 2008/2009 season and have finished in top 6 every season i am currently in 2013 and top of the league and i havent spent much at all This is my side

GK: Kasper scemichel
LB: Sam o brian
RB: Dias
CB: Van den borre
CB: Teadours
DM: Diarra
AMR: Menez (He Cost me the most at 10mil)
AML: Adu
AMC: Steibler
FC: Andre Duarte (Brazilian abloutly Amazin cheap has a buy out claus)
FC: Daniel Sturridge ( Best player in my team got him for free he scores over 25 every season and assists over 20, Chelsea, Baracelona etc.. all wnt him)