Football Manager 2007 Tips

Try something new...
I looked almost every cheat, and I didn't read any good challenge. Like me, I took NK Hajduk from Croatia and guess what?? I won European Champions Cup twice, but after many seasons of playing. I trained every player Very Heavy, and I sold a lots of them, so I bought even better players.. EXAMPLE: sold - T. Busic 2M €; bought Anderson (Dinamo-CRO) 2M €. sold B. Zivkovic 1.5M €; bought Drpic and Vukojevic (Dinamo-CRO) 2M €. And I trained Anderson,Drpic and Vukojevic VERY HEAVY, and now it's like this: Anderson - worth 6.5M €; Drpic - worth 4.8M €; Vukojevic - worth 4.3M €. And if I sell them, I'll make 15M €!!! And then I buy some other talented players, and I make money on them! So TRY SOMETHING NEW, take a weak, poor club and make him the best club ever, just like I did! In Croatia, there are many excellent clubs, but they are poor and weak, except Dinamo and Hajduk. TRY IT, and e-mail me what have you done. Take a challenge!!!