Football Manager 2007 Tips

West Ham Utd - Champions
I am West Ham Utd and have just won the premiership in my second season. West Ham are a good side to start out with in this game as you begin with Tevez and Mascherano who are both world class players.

My advice is to get Vela on loan for the first season them buy him outright. Sell Harewood straight away and you should have enough money to buy Van Den Borre, Van Damme, Billy Jones and Cardenas. For my second season I bought Nani and Riquelme and they fired me to the title.

My current team is:

GK - Ben Foster

DL - Jelle Van Damme
DR - Van Den Borre
DC - Billy Jones/Pasanen
DC - Anton Ferdinand

ML - Nani
MR - Cardenas
DMC - Mascherano
AMC - Riquelme

FC - Tevez
FC - Vela