Football Manager 2007 Tips

Wonderkids or Great Young Players
I am Barcelona and my name is Marshall Mathers III (like Eminem).I'm now in december 2011, I've won 3 titles (twice second), 1 Champions League(1 final lost, twice semi-final and 1 time quarterfinal, I always lost against the future winner) and never the Copa Del Rey.

Players that haven't been mentionned yet in this game are:

Eamon Coles VM WONDERKID (Valencia,when 20 great)
Antonio Cerrajero VM (Atlético Madrid C, free)
Neri Cardozo AM RL (Boca Juniors, in my game Inter bought him for 42,000,000€ !)
Felipe VC (Udinese, 11M €)
Anderson S (Porto, Valencia bought him for 52M €! )
Guy Thébault S (Lens, Valencia bought him for 23M€)

I hope I helped... These are players that will developpe into world class players so signing them as cheap as possible is necessary Here are some players who will developpe into great players, some of them are wonderkids, and cheap in the beginning are Pique(Man Utd B),Bojan and Dos Santos(Barcelona C),Nicolas Millan(Colo Colo),Carlos Vela(Arsenal B),Marcelo(Fluminense),Cardozo(Boca Juniors) and finally Anthony Vanden Borre (Anderlecht).Great and young players but pricey are Aguero(Atletico),Robinho(Real Madrid),Anderson(Porto),Gonzalo Higuain (Real Madrid), Wayne Rooney (Man Utd),Cristiano Ronaldo(Man Utd), Kompany 'HSV Hamburg). These are a big part of the greatest players who are worldclass in the beginning(like Robinho) but pricey or players like Bojan who are young and cheap.

Hope you enjoy! Bye! vanberla