Football Manager 2007 Tips

Future Team
I am now in my 5th season with R Madrid and have won the champions League and La Liga title every year as well as practically every other trophy out there. My team is:

Rafinha, Cerrudo (youth team product) (DR)
Marcelo, raul bravo (DL)
Kompany, Hollet (turns up in 08/09 season) (dc)
Sergio Ramos, Aythami (dc)
Denilson, Zapater (dm)
Huddlestone, Sissoko (dm)
Gourcouff, Cristiano Ronaldo (amr)
Messi, Fran Merida (AML)
Diego, Carlos Vela (amc)
Anderson, Bojinov (fc)

Have found that although Vela bangs the goals in up front he can score just as many playing in the hole behind the striker and can set up much more from there. Spent some serious money signing some of these player, but have kept on investing in the youth team so can afford to get rid off some stars, in the process of selling Anderson cos youth team strikers are just too good!!