Football Manager 2007 Tips

Great Premiership Players

Hi, managed to get Reading to get in the champs league after a season and then with the money managed to fund an awesome squad to win back to back premiership and champs league doubles with the following players key to my success.....

Fabio Arenas - GK
Ben Foster - GK
Gareth Bale DL
Pineda - DLC
Anthony Van denborre DR
Billy Jones DRLC
Micah Richards DC
Michel Schmoller
Steven Taylor DC
Atymani DC
Jean Makoun II DM
Denilson DM
Silva ML
Kevin Doyle AMR/ST
Sherman Cardenas AMRC
Giovani dos Santos AMRLC
Carlos Vela AM/ST
Calos Javier Acuna ST
Bojan ST
Leroy Lita ST

Other players that have played really well against me...

Pazzini ST
Kiessling ST
Christian Poulsen DM
Joao Moutinho AMC
Johan Courcuff
Lebohang Mokoena AMLRC/ST
Tom Huddlestone CM
Tim Borrowski AML
Shay Given GK
Ben Amos GK
Ryan Bertrand DL
Mika Aaritilo AML/ST
Vincent Kompany DRC
Ben Sahar ST
Marcelo - DL