Football Manager 2007 Tips

Im a Pro trust me
Listed Below i have given you a list of the brilliant players i have borught and sold through out my time on the game. Also the cost i have given is the amount you can get them for, Also some of the players you may not be able to buy until the secound or third season so i have listed the players with a (*) on whom are essential for you to buy in your first season.

dexter blackstock - GK* 20Mil
sidniel - DC 9Mil
Luzio - DC 7Mil
Gareth Bale - DL* 2Mil
Billy Jones - DRLC* 1.5Mil
Silva - DR* 5Mil
Manuel Fernendes - MC* 7Mil
Sahin - MC 7Mil
Owen HAgreeves DM 7Mil
Raul Garcia - AMC* 11Mil
Messi - AMCLR 30MIl
Kapo - AMCLR Free
Silva -AMCLR* 5Mil
Eddie Johnson - ST* 1MIl
Maxi Lopez - ST 3MIl
Dagoberto - ST 10MIl
Riou - ST* 5Mil
Delgado - ST 6Mil