Football Manager 2007 Tips

Tight-Knit Formation
Check on your team information. Using this
4-4-2 for English side (Proved Young Guns), I win a lot of games (I use Spurs, on 2nd season), win 1 Premiership, FA, League Cup but failed on EURO (UEFA Cup on real life). You should give it a try!

GK: Oscar Ustari
DC: Curties Davies
DC: Micah Richards
DR: Leighton Baines
DL: Marcelo (Fluminese)
MC: Fernando Gago
MC: Tom Huddlestone
MR: Sergio Aguero
ML: Cristiano Ronaldo
FC: Gonzalo Higuain
FC: Theo Walcott

Of course, I use 'cheat' on it. Setting my 1st money with extravagant amount n sugar daddy chairman. Note that in some ways, having lots of money doesn't guarantee your victory. Real Madrid for example. In my game, this is their form:

GK: Casillas (Great GK)
DC: Sergio Ramos (Massive Defender)
DC: Cannavaro
DR: Salgado
DL: Roberto Carlos
MC: Emerson
MC: Diarra
MR: Beckham
ML: Raul
FC: Thierry Henry (Goal getter, 45 goals)
FC: Nistelrooy (23 goals)

They also have Phillip Lahm (Both-sided Fullback), and the rest of their squads, of course. But, Sevilla win the 06/07 la liga season and Madrid on 3rd place (Barcelona 2nd)

Here is my winning team:
GK: Robinson (Spurs)
DC: Terry (Chelsea)
DC: Ledley King (Spurs)
DL: Kolo Toure (Arsenal)
DR: Zambrotta (Barca)
MC: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
MR: David Beckham (Madrid)
ML: Ronaldinho (Barca)
AMC: Kaka (Milan)
FC: Ibrahimovic (Inter)
FC: Henry (Arsenal)

Oscar Ustari (GK),
Leighton Baines (DR),
Gustavo Cabral (DC),
Gonzalo Rodriguez (DC),
Marcelo (Fluminese, DL)
Fernando Gago (DM)
Tom Huddlestone (DM)
Cristiano Ronaldo (AM R)
Sergio Aguero (AM L)
Gonzalo Higuain (FC)
Jermain Defoe (ST)

This configuration will result in approx. 1,1 B team value, a tight-knit squad, and you'll win almost all of your competitions. I myself only lose 6 times, draw 7 times, and the rest is win (about 40-50 games). Lock the Premiership title in week 30. But, fiercing rival is Chelsea.