Football Manager 2007 Tips

10A grade players. mint!
I normally look at forums and look for players, but after looking through and grafting the youngsters, i have created a worldwide team, everyseason getting a comment for winning the league with a average squad age between 20-24.

Gary woods - gk
Leo Schwechlen - dc
Loic Abenzoar - dc
Eduardo Ratinho - rb
Aurelien Teaudors - Wonderkid in 2010 - dc
Omar Benzerga
Al Bangura - Tenacious Midfielder
Sofiane Choubani
Fransisco Merida
John Murray
Martial Riff
Carlos Javier Acuna - World class.
Bojan - Wonderkid
Carlos Vela - Wonderkid
Diego Capel - Wonderkid
Bernd Eweka - Wonderkid
Nacer Barazite - Wonderkid
Michael Uwezu - Touted next Steven Gerrard
Victor Domingos - Touted next Ze Reberto
Daniel Bogarte - Could be the next Geoff Hurst
Andrew logan

I have loads more but just listed alot of the extra special ones. I am yeovil and near the end of my first season in the premiership. I've won that and in the Semi-final of the Euro cup and all english cups, im through to final. Still with average age in the low twenties. So who said you need all the well known players, i got out there and tried different players, and got yeovil from league two, to the prem, to winning it.

Hope these players excite you, or help in any way.