Football Manager 2007 Tips

How to win every game...
I started with England and played 10 seasons without losing a match...
Then took over as Cardiff who were 19th in Championship at the time got them promoted through the playoffs
In three seasons in the Premiership I've won three league titles; three FA and three league cups; two champions cups; one super cup; and one world club championship.
How did I do it?
Simple, merely save your game before each match and if you are not satisfied with the result reload your game. You can buy good players due to being a world class manager which means you have to do it less and less.

Also, create a new user whenever your finances are running low, and have them become Chelsea or Man Utd. Then spend their entire budget on one of your worse players. When the deal is completed, retire. Then you can have upwards of 100million to spend on players.