Football Manager 2007 Tips

amazing players
I have been playing this game non-stop since I bought it: Here r some of the best players ever i have found

Enyeama 160k he's quality
Andrietti Bordeaux- potenetial to be better than most gk in the prem
Edcarlos- quality c-b after 10 games in 1 season he was leading scorer with 9 goals.
Lebohang Mokoena- cheap, good finisher and amazing potential
Dos Santos- Barca C- cheap if u buy him straight away and quality, sets up a lot!
Lago- barca C- again cheap and huge potential
Adu- price tag triples adtera few months at any club
Nicolas Millan- cheap- and brilliant
Marcelo- fluminense- best left back ever
Okaka- hard to get, but brilliant if u do manage it
Pazzini- when i scouted him they said don't sign him but scores tonnes seriously, every game he scores at least 1 goal
Corrie Evans- plays for M