Football Manager 2007 Tips

young gems!
- Eddie Johnson -
you can get him at the start of the game for £1 million and he turns out amazing. i have been birmingham and arsenal and he was top scorer for both!

- Bojan -
He starts at barcelona as a 15yr old but wait till he turns 17 and snap him up. loan him out and then start playing him. He turns into the best in the world. i was rejecting £40million from chelsea

- Celsinho -
17yr old brazilian. can play midfield or striker. amazing!

- Cardenes -
Croatian. 17yr old. i played him straight away for arsenal and he just got young player of the season. cracking goals he scored

- Ratinho -
young brazilian. again i started him straight away for arsenal and he has gone up and up

- Richards -
18 year old from man city. We all know how good he is!

- Volkan -
very young GK at the start of the game. wait a while till he is matured and he is an absolute GEM!