Football Manager 2007 Tips

Awesome players !
I am Liverpool in my first season...
I bought Kerlon from Cruzeiro for £7m, i am half way into the season and he has scored 23 goals. If you're gonna buy him play him as a striker or else he won't score and will become unhappy at the club. He needs a Permit but appeal and he'll get one.
I also bought Gago from Boca for £10m, he is consistent and has scored a few goals too. He has an average rating of 8.00 but has got three 10/10's already. He also needs a Permit but you'll definately get one.
Franck Ribery from Marseille for £15m is also a good buy. He may be expensive but scores nearly every game.
Don't splash out on world class players, usually the way they play outside of the game is not the way they play in the game. I bought Torres in another game and Villa in another and they don't get many goals.
Well, hope my signing will play just as well for you !