Football Manager 2007 Tips

Dagenham & Redbridge
i am almost at the end of the first season and im delighted that my Dag & Red team is top by about 10 points and way ahead on goal diff.
some quality signings for conference are:
Joe anyinsah - 0k plus 30% next sale
Andy Caton - 2k i think but pay wotever he is GOD
Mirnes Ibrahimovic - 2-5k loads of assists and bags a few goals
Eddie Stanford - quality plays left back or left mid (cant remeber how much)
Sam Oji - 0k plus 30% next sale - quite inconsistent but is still young so will improve on this
And a 19 year old DRC from reading reserves (very good at free kicks and very slid at the back. probably best at right back)
Kevin Austin - didnt actually sign him but he is very gd in lower leagues and will want to come i think cos ive got him before with a league 2 team and he only wanted a backup squad status.
Hope these guys are good for you!