Football Manager 2007 Tips

Atletico Madrid - young and talented
GK - ustari (argentine goalkeeper) 1 of da best on da game
DL - leighton baines (england international) and great crosser
DR - gonzalo castro/antonio barragan both equally good and barragan is great youngster
CB - pablo (voted world player in 2007 + 2008
CB - sergio ramos (one of da best youngsters out of spain and cheap £11m
DM - daniel sanabria (argentine wonderkid)brought him for £210,000 and worth (£9.5m after 3 years
DM - tom huddlestone - great long shot and has a great range of passing (snap him up young cause he costs alot later in the game)
AMR - yoann gourcuff french international with great potential scored 21 goals and created 9 in 07/08 season
AML - kaka, got him on a free transfer in 10/11 season and proving to be worth £22.5m price tag now
AMC - sergio aguiro wonderkid in first 3 seasons and no doubt the greatest in the game now
ST - fernando torres voted world and european in 2010 and scores so many worth £34m now

i like to look out 4 new wonderkids and make money from these or keep them, here are a few ive picked up:
sergio aguiro (at club already) , matteo palermo (free transfer), ben sahar (free transfer), guy asulin (free transfer), daniel sanabria (£210,000 Boca)

other good youngsters (but not wonderkids):
mike jensen (£1.1m), yoann gourcuff (£5.75 AC milan), tom huddlestone (£27m in season 2010),