Football Manager 2007 Tips

How to get money legally!!
It sounds legal!! but actually it is not.. anyway, this is how you can do it:

1. Get an In Game Editor (e.g. FMM.2.1) can be downloaded from this forum as I think.

2. Go to your Under 18 team, or buy players that are shit & free 0k.

3. Open the In Game Editor you just downloaded, and tape the name/s of player/s you will deal with.

4. Get a pen & a paper. and write on that paper the name, age,the Current Ability & the Potential Ability of that player/s.

5. Now change age to something like between 20/24.

6. Change both Current & Potential abilities to 199/200.

7. Save your work & close the Editor (unless you have something else to do with lol).

8. Get to your game & have a look at those players you have edited. They now look future stars.

9. All you have to do is forget about them, & wait till it's time of transferts (till January 1st if you are now in the summer or before the season starts, And till July 1st if you are now in January or later).

10. Your Edited Players have the Icon "wnt" next to thier names.

11. Very good, Offer them to the Wanted teams & negotiate over the Bid you want to get (ask for expensive bids).

12. If the players are not "wnt" by clubs.. no Problem, Just offer them to Major Continental Clubs with the same value you want.

13. Now after you are done & e.g you have sold about three players with 5M pounds for each, you naturally have got 15M pounds.

14. Now, go back to the Editor you used before, & get the paper you wrote on, & change the values as they were before having a look at the paper.

Goood Luck!!!