Football Manager 2007 Tips

I've read through all the tips and no-one has mentioned Carlos Vela from Arsenal, he's on loan at Salamanca at the start of the game but I recalled him and put him straight into my team when Henry got injured, I was so impressed I changed my formation to 4-3-3 just to accomodate him. I've just finished my 5th season now and have won the Champions League x2 Premier League x2 (runner-up first 3 seasons to Chelsea) FA Cup x2 League Cup x3 Charity Shield x4 Internationl Super cup x2 World Club Cup Championships x2, Vela is and Indispensable part of my team, so much so the I've just turned down a £75million bid from Chelsea, also in 4-3-3 if you put Henry in the centre he will break ALL Goalscoring records, he's got an Average of 48 goals in the first 4 seasons but dropped a little last season, he only got 35 last season, but that said he is 34 now!! I thinl I'll go and look for a few players reccomended on this site for a replacement, REMEMBER, PUT HENRY IN THE MIDDLE!!