Football Manager 2007 Tips

Amazing players you should sign!!!
Every one of these players are amazing! However, some need to be trained intensivelly at first. I will tell you which ones by \'training\'.

Casillas- AMAZING.
Oscar Ustari (training).
Gordon (training).

Anthony Vanden Borre- AMAZING.
Tuia (training).
Del Horno- he is great, but needs SOME training.
Kompany- AMAZING.
Micah Richards.

Nani (training).
Merida (training).
David Bentley- he is great, but takes about two seasons to get him to his full potential. Still, very good player.
Joaquin- expensive and hard to get, however! He will definitelly become the leading midfielder in your team.
Kieran Richardson (training).

Allan Smith- He becomes the best striker in the team, but you need to get him trained up as much as possible.
Rooney... obviously.
David Villa- very expensive but amazing.
Freddy Eastwood- lots of peaople critisize him on this web, but if you give him some intensive training, he will score every game, if not, then he will create lots of attacks, and gets lots of assists.

These players are AMAZING, but you need to be patient with them.
I\'m MAN UTD, and I\'ve won 4 premiership seasons in the row, 3 championship, 2 FA cup, and many other little ones with these players. I hope this will help you.