Football Manager 2007 Tips

Brilliant young players
Ok, Recently I have started a new game as wolves. The first thing I noticed is Jay who is valued around 2 million (one of the highest values at the club.) Is a complete flop. He has plenty off shots and can score hat tricks, but their is one problem. He misses half his shots and even then only scores about half the shots he gets on target. His passes hardly ever reach and he just loves to lose possession. So half way through the season I needed to buy a replacement so I began looking around at certain players. Then one player struck my eye. A young 19 year old called Danny Haynes. I knew straight away after looking at his stats I had to have him. I put up a bid of 500k and in 2 days he was mine. On his Debut he Scored 4 goals!!! He is deffo 100% a exciting young player and his pace is magnificent! Also Baidoo is a stunning young player as well. He isn't selfish so he can set up your main scorer quite allot even though he has a good shot in him himself. I suggest you pick him up on loan or put a 500k-750k offer in at the begging of the season. The longer the game goes on the longer Q.P.R want to keep him and charge higher amounts. Also If you get your training right Mudgrew will become a excellent player. Though probably harder to buy. Lennon of course will become a great player to any squad since his pace can outrun most people.