Football Manager 2007 Tips

Good young talent
2nd season in with rangers I got bored and decided to scour the footballing world for young talent. The most amazing one I found was Bojan (16 year old from barcelona his current value is 5.25m so i dunno wot it is at the start of the game) he has good stats and his season statistic was phenomenal 69 goals in 36(9) appearances for the u18s and 10 goals in 4 barcelona 1st team games.

I know it tends to vary from game to game although when I opted for a more challenging game at york (we got promoted btw ) his stats were yet again amazing. 19 goals in 11 u18 apps (ruptured cruciate ligament injury for most of the season) and 3 goals in 6 apps for the barca 1st team.

All in all folks he is worth a look at the very least and I\'m happy to have helped (if i have done that is).