Football Manager 2007 Cheats

Formation Cheat
Gain an advantage by setting all the in-built tactics to the same formation.
Make the computer team less likely to score by setting the forwards to run to and from the wide central midfield positions - your central defenders should be first to the ball each time it is played into the box.
Really want to make it easy, put all the opposition players out to wide positions and attack down the middle.

To do;
Create a new tactic and save.
Using the Edit tactic option, "export" the tactic to the fm2007/data/tactic folder and overwrite each of the in-built tactics with your chosen cheat tactic.
Then start a new game.

**Do not attempt to overwrite tactics in Windows Explorer for this version of the game **

This cheat works for CM3 & CM4 also, but you can use Windows Explorer for that.

It does not guarantee you will win every game.

NB; Might take a few goes to makes sure you find a tactic that doesn't produce either 0-0 or 20 - 0 results for all the background games. A 4-4-2 with attackers tracking back to ML /MR positions has meant I can play with 2 Central Defenders and one Central DM, freeing up more players to attack the opposition. Still lose games, so still fun.

I'm sorry, I feel so bad about cheating!