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Good Players
Karim Benzema - Lyon - AMR / FC - £11m
Victor Obinna - Chievo - ST - £9m
Raul Albiol - Valencia DC / DM - £18.5m

Theres also a 16/17 year old at Athletico Madrid worth 15m and is only paid £90 a week. If you get an offer accepted (around £18m), even if you offer him a 5 year £130,000 a week deal with every possible bonus he still won't sign and just keeps accepting £90 a week offers from Athletico!

Also another player, think it was something Gonzalez, anyway he's a SW / DC. World class player and can be picked up for around £11m. Problem is he keeps failing the medical because he's out injured for 7-8 months. Does anyone know how to get around this?