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Southern/Northen/Natonwide Conferance - Players For Nothing [Selected Few]
This is more help mainly with Northen and Southern English League teams, but there are a good few players you can buy at the start of the season for nothing from Championship Reserve teams. To find them and get them, look in

"Player Search" --> "Filter" --> "Customise" -->

Have your Assistant Manager ticked to help you out on this and chose the following

"Age - 18-25" --> "Transfer Status - Transfer Listed"

And then search, it will come up with around 15 players. Now all you gotta simply do is look through them and find players you want. As you can see there Valuation is around £1k - £30k but all you gotta do is offer that team £0 for that player and they will allow you to talk contracts with him. And this is it really.

Players to look out for

Goalkeeper: Chris Neal
Midfield: Joe Anyinsah, Ben Wilkinson
Forwards: Chris o'Grady, Louis Dodds

There are more then this, it is just these the ones that I accepted to having with my team.

*Also not that I have not try-ed this with teams expecting relegation in the Northen Conferance. I have only try-ed this with Kettering and Nuneaton Borough*