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Fighting while Flying
YES you can attack flying monsters from your board!

1. Find the little creeps...
2. See the red box around em? GOOD! Hit your 'Tab' key
3. Now you should see 4 brackets around your bug.. and you should be following him.. not following? hit 'z'
3. Press and hold 'Insert' key to fire.. (you can hold Insert key and when you hit the bug, dbl hit your enter key then release the insert key and you should be auto shooting)
4. Watch your power till the bug is dead...
Good Job! Your a flying Killer!

If you are hitting the bug, but not doing damage hit your space bar, wait till speed goes to 0 then hit space again, and you should be hitting him.

Oh.. and you have to be moving while fighting, or it won't target.

Happy Hunting!


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No Walking
This is basically just a fun glitch i found which can be used for fun.
the effect is gliding u could say.

Wat to do:
-Jump in the air
-while in the air hold forwards and right or forwards and left
-when u land ur char will start to move in a circle without feet moving
-keep holding forward and wat ever either left or right (which ever your choice was)
-press the other button while still holding the others down to turn the otherway

Thats bout it if u want a demonstration e-mail me