Flower, Sun, and Rain Cheats

Flower, Sun, and Rain cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for DS.


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Reach the correct ammount of steps to unlock the following rewards.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Movement Speed Up:Take 75,000 steps.
Search System:Take 1000 steps.
Search System Max Up:Take 5000 steps.
Search System Max Up:Take 10,000 steps.
Search System Max Up:Take 20,000 steps.
Search System Max UpTake 40,000 steps.
Search System Max Up and Charge Speed Up:Take 30,000 steps.
Sound Test:Take 50,000 steps.
X Search System completely unlockedTake 100,000 steps.
Unlockable costumes
Finish the required task and then get the item from the front desk to unlock the costume.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlockable costume 1Finish the main storyline.
Unlockable costume 2Retrieve Lost and Found number 06 and 23.
Unlockable costume 3Retrieve Lost and Found number 09 and 36.
Unlockable costume 4Retrieve Lost and Found number 12 and 48.
Unlockable costume 5Retrieve Lost and Found number 14 and 25.
Unlockable costume 6Retrieve Lost and Found number 39 and 45.
Unlockable costume 7Retrieve all the Lost and Found items.