flOw review
Simply amazing...

The good:

- Highly addictive
- Superb visuals
- Amazing music
- 1080p support
- Family friendly
- Only costs $8!
- Easy to pick up and play. Nearly no learning curve!

The bad:

There are downsides to this game?



That being said, here is the full version of the review:

This game is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The graphics and graphics style aren't realistic, but they're believable, and believe it or not, beautiful. The game looks so flawless and, for lack of a better word, majestic and, as the name suggests, flowing.

The music is just as good! When you eat a small organism, you hear a note. Eat 5-6 organisms at once, and you hear an arpeggio. The background music is VERY unique and fits perfectly with the game! There really aren't many sound effects in this game, simply because of the amount of beautiful, yet soft, vocal music.

This brings me to another point. The game supports 5.1 surround and 1080P! As if it weren't already beautiful enough on a SDTV! I particularly liked the 1080p support and cranked up my home theater system while I played this game.

Something that almost anyone will notice is how calming and non-violent this game is. I'm not sure if I would say that it is fun for the whole family, as I do not think a 6 year old would appreciate this game, but it is definitely appropriate for the whole family. Something that contributes to this is the fact that you never die. Instead, you are transported to an earlier level, where you are allowed to recharge, and if you need to, rest a bit.

The game also makes excellent use of the SIXAXIS. You move your organism by tilting the controller. It seems hard, but is very easy and there is almost NO learning curve! What's even better is that this game supports up to 4 player multiplayer, and it is VERY easy to activate. How do you activate it? Start the game, and during gameplay, turn on a 2nd/3rd/4th controller, and a creature will appear on screen for that player. I even got my dad addicted to it!

I also have to mention that there are ZERO menus in this game, other than at the VERY beginning, ONE TIME ONLY, when you are asked to accept a license agreement.

Something I particularly loved about this game is it's simplicity. There aren't loading screens at all! Not only that, but pressing start to pause it doesn't bring up a menu. It transports your creature to a deserted area where it swims around waiting for you to come back. Unpausing the game transports your creature back to the level you were in.

I would definitely give this game a 10 out of 10.

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Mnmfan Aug 21, 07
Great review. It's more appealing to me now then when I watched the trailer. I might get it in the future sometime. Cheers.
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