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Forgivable flaws, unforgettable beauty.


So over the past few weeks or so I’ve had quite an interesting experience with the 2006 game Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I can’t say for sure whether this affects all games, but I have had quite a lot of activation issues. The game installs fine, and then does not allow you to activate it using your perfectly legitimate activation key, giving you the same error message over and over again. A lengthy call to Microsoft Games tech support later, I was told to reorder a new copy of the game. A week or so later my new copy arrives in my mailbox, and what happens? The exact same issue and anoth...


A virtual living world

The good:

Since their previous version Flight of Century 2004, Microsoft Flight simulator X (2006) has improve their graphics scenery and aircrafts, including extra traffics on land, sea, and airports, which give you a more a real live virtual world. You will see a simpler and easy menu to use. They change their aircrafts line up, removing most of their vintage aircrafts, however they included some new models, a better balance of aircrafts type. They upgraded graphics details on the aircrafts, sceneries, plus their new missions are their strong points of this MSFS X, which replace their past adventure/challenge flights of the older versions. I recommend visiting their official's site for more details on their standard and deluxe version.

The bad:

As of today, there is no PC powerful enough to fully run the MSFS X graphics display with 100% performance, therefore you need to sacrifice graphic display over performance or the opposite. Microsoft is trying to promote their upcoming Windows Vista operating system with this game; it will run on Win XP SP2 but nothing less. You have no selection to install partial amount of the software, it will do a full installation of 15 gigs hard drive space (deluxe ver). It takes about 5 to 10 minutes loading the game upon each start up time depending on the graphic display setting. For multiplayer, they remove the MSN Zone.com site and replace it with 3rd party multiplayer connection with GameSpy.


This MSFS X (2006) has all the same features than MSFS2004 and more. I started the flight sim and choose the free flight from the menu. This open the screens with AirCreation Trike Ultralight aircraft at Friday Harbour (not far from Seattle), you are already in mid-flight at 1500 feet after you click on Fly Now button. As I started flying around the area, the aircraft got caught in some thermal effect, which make it bank slightly to right or left and slowly climb. I noticed that FSMS X frame rate was running at 13 fps to 5 fps with the setting set at medium-high, and by increasing my grap...

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