[edit] Background

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage is an over-the-top racing game where players experience the drive of their lives as they race around fully destructible environments. Enhanced over the original version of FlatOut 2, the game features 12 types of racing cars, five all-new single player and two all-new multiplayer game modes, plus widescreen high definition resolution to make the racing experience more real.

[edit] Gameplay

Some of the many brand new design and gameplay components featured in FlatOut Ultimate Carnage include 12 cars racing on screen up from eight in FlatOut 2, five all-new single player and two all-new multiplayer game modes over the Xbox Live online game service, over 8,000 dynamic objects per track up from 5,000 in FlatOut 2, widescreen High Definition resolution (720p), dynamic lighting and shadowing all with proper real-time environment mapping on all vehicles, downloadable content via Xbox Live, and 20,000 polygons per car up from 7,500 in the previous generation.

[edit] Features

  • Ultimate carnage: The peerless real world physics engine combines vehicles built from over 40 deformable parts with over 8000 destructible objects per track. Arcade destruction racing at its best!
  • Thrilling racing: Race against 12 highly competitive drivers over 39 tracks in 6 different environments. Choose any one of 48 cars, and wreck your way across parched deserts, massive storm drains, and narrow city streets.
  • Game modes: Become the ultimate FlatOut Champion by competing in three progressively tougher classes, or just go wild in Deathmatch Destruction Derbies, challenges, and time trials.
  • Multiplayer: Go online with up to eight drivers and race in any single player mode, or the Deathmatch Derby and Head On race modes. Leaderboards exist for all game modes, so you can prove just how destructive you are.
  • The Ragdoll: The Ragdoll is unique to FlatOut. Catapult him through your windscreen or, even better, the other drivers' windscreens as they wreck out of the race. Have fun with 12 Ragdoll mini-events including High Jump, Stone Skipping, Ring of Fire, Field Goal, and Free Kick.
  • Next-gen graphics: See every scratch and dent with real-time environment mapping creating a grittier realistic appearance. Dynamic shadow maps are provided for every 3-D object on the track including buildings, scenery, and cars, making all movement exceptionally smooth. The scenery is so realistic, watch out, you don't want to get distracted!

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Sep 2, 2008 (PC)
    • Sep 4, 2007 (XBOX360)
  • Europe: Jun 22, 2007
  • Australia: Aug 1, 2007
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