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This Game Defines Fun


Looking for a good game to play? Consider Flatout. It may not be as hard-cored as other games may be, but it's certainly something that's worth spending your time on.

This game really defines the word "fun". With TONS of all sorts races and mini-games, there's not much more you could ask for. You can explore a whole world of things to do in career mode such as dozens of mini-games, or you could try becoming the "Flatout Champion" by completing your way through the mode's racing tournaments.

If you ever have free time during a night with some friends, try doing multiplayer. I can almost guaran...


Cars that Hate Drivers

The good:

Gameplay, controls, graphics, ejecting your driver, mini-games, AI, tracks, ability to drive anywhere.

The bad:

At the start you suck. Manual is far too short. Turns are difficult. Leaving the track is punished.


This is definitely the game that I have been waiting for. A racing game that is both fun but not like an arcade racer. In arcade racers it seems that literally no matter how far back you go you can always catch up and no matter how far ahead you get someone is always only a second behind you. In Flatout however they have the AI actually race which makes it more realistic I suppose. The controls are intuitive and the graphics are great. There is no greater joy available in racing games than ejecting your driver for a high jump and watching him fall back to the earth. The tracks are fun and c...

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