Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance review
A new series to an old legend?

The good:

-Wonderfully made cut-scenes
-Extremely fun grid maps that attract tactitians and RPGers
-wonderful character backrounds and personalities
-A huge amount of characters to choose from
-About thirty fun and challenging packed chapters to play through.
-Option to play battles through scene or on map
-Take turn battle system that is suitable for the needs of any master tactician, but also can be put on easy for begginers.
-Great storyline that keeps you enthralled from beginning to end!

The bad:

-Limited amount of cut-scenes
-Voice acting could be improved
-If characters die they're gone forever.
-Can get very hard when trying to recruit people
-The auto-transform that are applied to laguz.


If you've been following the story of the last Fire Emblem games then this is a must have. Although you'll be saying goodbye to your last characters and story, you'll be starting a whole new and better version to the game. Now on a console, and not on a handheld; the graphics have improved greatly. The limited, but amazing cut-scenes are now available, and they enhance the over-all play. In it, the voice acting isn't all that great, but with the wonderful movies, which are later accessed at any time through the extras, help you visualize things like you weren't able to in the handheld games.

Introducing Ike, a mercenary for the Greil Mercenaries, at the beginning of the game you are on a mission to protect the Princess of Crimea, Elincia. Through your troubles and quest you'll meet completely new characters to the story. They number is amazing, and you'll be debating who to pick and when to level the up, etc.

The battles are still take turns battling. Now with better graphics and more effects though! The enemies, and allies, all take effect when hit instead of sitting there. They also move around better and create a more realistic feel. From magic to lances, they all move while battling and the backrounds actually resemble where you are and what chapter you're going through.

This game is also extremely fun for both veterans and newbies. It can easily be changed to make it hard, which allows people seeking challenge to recieve challenge. But the game also makes it very easy to set on easy and learn your way up to being veteran. Both modes are extremely fun, and offer different view points.

In all, this game is a wonderful RPG fantasy game. It resembles a game of chess, with all your pawns to choose from. Those seeking challenge shall recieve, and those who want fun will too.

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