Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

How To Level Up Weak Units And Healers Easily
NOTE: Make sure you equip your attacker with a long range weapon (bow, hand axe, javelin, rune sword, or magic) and defenders must not be equipped with ANY weapons

I will use Amelia and Moulder as examples. Take 3 very armoured units who will take very little to no damage in the Tower Of Valni (Gilliam, Seth, Duesell etc.) Then stay at the stairs in the first floor near the entrance. Set up your defenders in a row blocking the monsters from Moulder and Amelia. When the zombies come up and attack you, your guards will take no damage leaving them near the front for Amelia to attack with a javelin. If your defenders get hurt even the slightest bit use Moulder.

With this cheat you can get your weak units and your healers to level 20 no problem.