Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Unlockables

Another way to recruit Cormag
Everyone says that you have to get Ephraim to talk to Dussel, and then get Dussel to talk to Cormag to recruit him. Cormag ended up turning and going up to my other team, so I thought "Hm, I'll try someone else" and wouldn't you know, you can also recruit Cormag with Tana! So just in case, theres another way to recruit him ;3 If you're stuck in trying to recruit someone, make sure you get as many people as you can to try and talk to them. You never know, you may be able to recruit them without using the main character ;D

Also, I'll mention this: Cormag is one of those characters that can easily kill (Killer lance) and be easily killed. So make sure no one is in his range, and be extra careful when approaching him.
UnlockableHow to unlock
DusselIn Chapter 10, get Ephraim to talk to Dussel in recruit him
CormagAlso in Chapter 10, get either Dussel or Tana to talk to Cormag to get him to join forces with you
Cormag (Eirika's route)Chapter 13 Appears as an enemy during Turn 5, talk with Eirika.