Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

Lagdu Ruins 10 easy beat
If you do it right, this is the quickest and easiest of all the levels.
What you will need is
1) a minimum of 2 near maxed to maxed bishops with aura (you NEED to be able to 2 hit, and with aura its not too hard)
2) 2 more bishops or any other class that can heal with mend or physic
3) A rouge or assassin w/ lockpick for the black gem chest (optional but who would skip it?)
4)anyone else you want to have just to hit max people
remember, watch the draco range, nothing worse than when you want to keep every char in the game alive and your lock picker gets killed

ok so here is the best way to do it (that I have found)
1)take each aura bishop to attack the left and right middle dracos
2)bring the extra healers to heal up each of them (they should have aura just in case)
3)move people out of range of lower dracos (a MUST, almost lost le'archel cause I wasn't watching the range)
4)end turn, dracos will upper dracos will attack your aura bishops, should deal with it
5)heal your bishops and take out the top draco
6)get gem
7)run your bishops down to the VERY EDGE of the lower left and right dracos atk range, do NOT be where there is overlap or you loose a char
8)end round, will get attacked by the lower L and R dracos
9)heal up and kill the last draco
10)congradulantes you just beat lagdu and probably unlocked a character, have fun!

or alternative
every char who can use aura is in, put one in each draco range but this needs 8 max casters with aura which I only have because of 3 days straight in arenas. Will finish the map in one round.