Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

Easy Experience
Instead of always clearing the tower of valni of all its monsters just keep defeating the boss instead. First this only works if the unit can move at least 6 spaces or it can attack 2 spaces away. choose tethys and the character you want to level up then check the map to see if the boss is on the left right or middle then put the character you want to gain exp. on the the farthest it can go in the same direction of the boss then put tethys right behind her/him (note: sometimes the boss will be blocked by another renevant.) then start the battle. first move your character only 5 spaces so tethys can catch up. then use her dance to move again. then move 6 spaces ahead (you should be able to have gotten far enough to attack.) then defeat the boss then retreat. (oh and make sure the settings is so that the turn doesn't end when the last unit finishes his/her turn then repeat the process until the unit becomes level 20. as you do this tethys will also level up (A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE the unit that does this must be powerful enough to kill th boss in one turn.