Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

Perfect Team
This is one of the many perfect teams I've found out, this is my personal favorite.
Colm: assassin
Amelia: General
Ewan: druid
Ross: Warrior
Garcia: Warrior
Kyle: Great Knight
Forde: Great Knight
Franz: Paladin
Joshua: SwordMaster
Marisa: SwordMaster
L'Arachel: MageKnight
Gerik: Hero

I use this team with just iron weapons and they never lose a fight, it's the perfect blend. My tip for all players is to stay away from units that start out good. Use them (ex. seth) in story mode to help win, but if you train the weak units to be strong, they will be 5x better, for example, getting franz to a paladin, he could destroy seth no competition.

good luck to all <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />