Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

Ultimate Unit, period....and maxed move for everyone

i suggest using ross, but ewan and emilia may also work, im working with them now.... Level him up normally and give him a bunch of upgrades.
make him a pirate, then get to lv( 20 and make him a berserker once he gets to lv 20 again your only worry should be his weapon's durability, which can be fixed if you cheat and get a demon surge or other monster weapon

For upgrades i suggest talismans to help with his magic problems, dont use energy rings because his str should max out easily.

I also found a cheat somewhere for infinite swiftsoles. To do this you need to be in creature campaign on easy or normal, (theres a different cheat for hard) You go to the ruins and make someone with a move of 7 go in this pattern, 2 right, 2 down, 2 left, and 1 up. You then move the cursor 1 to the right, it will turn the move arrow into either an L or a rotated L (dont actually move the unit).

Do this a total of 13 times then retreat from the ruins, then go back in. retreat and go in again (you dont have to do the movement thing) and retreat and go in again (for a 3rd entry) There should be a monster with a swiftsole and another with a dracoshield, just loot and pillage at will