Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

My! Perfect Team (and some of my usful items)
Heres my sort of prefect team:

Emphraim (Great Lord)
Garcia (Warrior)
Joshua (Swordmaster)
Duessel (Great Knight)
Gilliam (General)
Lute (Mage Knight)
Knoll (Summoner)
Saleh (sage)
Artur (Bishop)
Cormag (Wyvern Knight)
Renault (Rogue for stealing)

Items and Weapons that help:
Brave Weapons (for more hits per attack)
Silver Weapons (stronger attacks)
Killer Weapons (obviosly for criticals)
Tomes like Elfire and Divine
Legendary Weapons (for monsters)

Hoplon Gaurd (stops crticals)
Fili Sheild (stops arrows effectivity of flyers)
Silver Card (chops prices in half!)
Member Card (gets you good items)

thats all folks!