Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

Arch Sage
In fire emblem two we all know that there is int really an Arch sage class but you can get a the next best thing witch is a sage that know all types of magic and starves.

1.Get a Sage.

2.Beat the game.

3.Do monster skirmishes until one appears at neleras peak.

4. Go to that skirmish

5.use the control enemy glitch to stock up on stones.

6.Since anybody can use stones give one to your sage.

7.Go to tower of Valni and beat the first level multiple time with your sage using only stones. Eventually his dark magis level wil be high enough that he can use flux.

8. repeadetly beat the first level of tower of valni using only your sage and using the highest level of dark magic that he can use and eventually he will have an A or S class in dark magic