Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

Money +Weapons!!!
After you beat the game, first save, then right after it saves, soft reset.
Go to Lagdou ruins, and you should be able to get these items from enemies (be careful, the enemies that have droppable weapons may use their stronger one against you, so attack first!!): Shamshir (or Iron Blade), 100 gold, Tomahawk (or devil axe), Brave Bow (or steel axe), killer lance (or steel lance), and 100 gold.

Or, to get money easier, do the reset and go to lagdou, but don't do anything (attack, move) and you can get a brave sword (or iron sword), Brave bow (or longbow), Orions Bolt, and 150 gold.

The #2 is the better deal (in my opinion) but its ya choice.

The third way to get money easy is to get an infiniti enemy weapon and kill kill kill (evil eye, demon surge, crimson eye) from Neleras Peak (the cheat you should be able to find yourself to get the enemy weapon).

I did #2 for about 2 hours and I have about 300,000 gold, with maxing out 5 of my character's stats.

Have Fun!

(During the game, you can only get either spears or runeswords from tower of Valni, so that suks..)