Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Tips

Control Enemy Glitch
The following glitch is similar to the Phantom Glitch but works without a Phantom so is by definition more convenient.

- The main lord (Eirika if you're on her quest, Ephraim if you're on his quest)
- A unit without weapons (ie, unable to attack)
- A map with action tiles. Action tiles are Fire tiles, snag (the log that's cut to make a bridge, has to be the tile that has the log, not the bridge), or Gorgon Eggs
- Must be a skirmish or a Tower/Ruin map, cannot be a mission map

Have an enemy attack a character without a weapon, with the enemy standing on the action tile. Just as the health bars and/or experience vanish (this works best with animation off), soft reset your game. When you resume, the enemy that's attacking will fade out, leaving you control to any enemy who has not moved. Move an enemy near your main character to deposit its weapons into your supply convoy. Also, you can discard the enemy items, trade them (a zombie can hold an axe but cannot use it), move them or do anything you like.
However, this requires planning as the enemy has to be able to access your main character if you want to deposit, since they cannot trade with your characters.