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An end of a wonderful series?

The good:

-Amazing gameplay that involves better in-fighting experience.
-More chapters that view perspectives of everyone.
-Use of good characters such as the Laguz royals.
-Both new and old characters to play as.
-A whole new tier to develope.
-Amazing artwork and music.
-hundreds of character units to use and level up. New and old. You can also order other units around the battle field who aren't your real units, but simply allies.

    Control your army. Play as each leader of each continent, and figh off the terror that has engulfed Tellius into chaos.

    As a new game to the Fire Emblem: Path of radiace, this game recieved much more things then the last. They removed some things that never were liked in the last game, such as the insta-transform with Laguz. Now, you're able to transform and unform as you please. Small things like this are added throughout the game to enhance it from the last, but also to fill you in on the mysteries that the last game left so wide open for you.

    This game also applied a whole new tier to discover. Now, instead of stopping at 2nd tier level twenty you can go to tier three level twenty. This was a huge deal, for it was a surprise that added a unique twist to things! Ranging from myrmidons to fighters who have all had extremely unique (and not to mention strong) third tiers; you'll be asking to level them all up!

The bad:

-Chapter switches sometimes lessen your time to train characters.
-No tower of Valni, and so some characters just take to much time and care to watch over.
-Easy to beat
-Permanent death.
-Some old legends aren't nearly as good as they should be.
-No use of Wi-fi. With the wii comes wi-fi, a loved addition to the new generation. This game could have easily been added with wifi that could add hours of fun at the end of the game, but none were found.

    This game offered many new ideas, but with the expansion of characters some things that were loved are now left out. The increase in characters may leave some others behind that you have developed a relation with, and impel you to use some that are just there from strength. This story also doesn't release many fillers until late in the game, and there's not as much as a suspense as in the last.


In all, this game suceeded in making a wonderful attachment to Fire Emblem: Radiant dawn. As a take turn game, it lives up to the wonderful feel of an RPG game. IT involves wonderful imagination and character. If you've played the first then you're sure to get this game so that you can live up to all the things that the first left so wide open and mysterious. This game faults only in the wifi and characters list. Sure, the more the better, but some legends that you loved in the last game aren't as easy to use in this game because of the switch in characters.

This game may not have lived up...


Fire Emblem: Another War In Tellius

The good:

-Unique Grid-Based Battle Style
-Control an Army of unique Soldiers
-Weapon Triangles
-3 Difficulties
-Data Transfer
-Good Graphics
-Great Graphics in Cut Scenes
-Many more Cutscenes
-Better Voice Acting
-Third Tier Classes
-New Characters
-More Stages
-More Items
-Bigger Stages
-Support System
-Play the Story from Different Points of View
-Save in Battle
-Generous Bonus Experience
-Some levels have you do unique things like torching the enemy's supplies.
-Good Story
-Good Music
-70+ Hours of Gameplay
-Best (Ok Only) SRPG on Wii
-Easy to Pick Up
-Great Game for casual gamers or those looking for a challenge

The bad:

-When your Character Dies, they're gone forever


Fire Emblem is a great series of games. They've been out for a while. Several on the Gameboy Advance, and then Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance came to Gamecube. That game was similar to this one, but if you played it, you'll understand Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn better. You can also import stats from your old game, so if you cap any stats, characters gain a +2 to that stat, or +5 if it's HP. Very Useful. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is set 3 years after the Mad King's War in Tellius during Path of Radiance. Daein is under control of Begnion Imperial Forces and is fighting for a free Daein against...


Believe the Hype This Game Is Hard

The good:

With Fire Emblem games you should know what you are getting. Great turn based action, solid story telling, character arcs, and great design and graphics are all here. This game continues where the last Fire Emblem game drops off and yet finds new story wrinkles to keep you playing until the very end. The game also features gorgeous cutscenes as well as tons of info for die hard Fire Emblem fans.

The bad:

Yes, believe the hype this game is as hard as you have heard. But don't despair with a well implemented save feature you can redo each turn and chapter until you beat it. Though sometimes it will require repeated attempts at the do overs. Also, if you use the overpowered characters early on it can ruin the game later. Finally, with enemies able to 'warp' behind you the game slows down and becomes a grind. Also the fun strategy of earlier incarnations is gone, instead it is one slow march.


If you liked the previous Fire Emblem games you will like this one as well. But increased difficulty, lack of in game hints, and lack of any real strategy stunt a game that was primed to reach and be loved by a much larger audience.

The game has a great sense of style and from the first cutscene it does a great job of presenting the story visually. The music here is also amazing and really shines. Also the story here is very solid but tends to be doing alot at once and though Ike plays a big part there is no true hero that the player can identify with. The characters arcs here are solid.



Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

The good:

-Same tactical gameplay as previous titles.
-New characters, maps, weapons, and units to use.

The bad:

-No effort to use Wii technology.
-Major problems importing a saved file from Fire Emblem: Path or Radiance.
-A Game Cube game trying to be a Wii game.


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is the fourth installment in the series in North America, and it makes a rather disappointing appearance on the Nintendo Wii.

Graphics: This game has the same look and feel as its predecessor, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (FE: PR). The game designs should have done something to update the graphics for the Wii. Therefore, full points cannot be awarded in the graphic department. You will be looking at a Game Cube style of graphics. The cut scenes do look terrific, but again they are equal to FE:PR. (3.0/5.0)

Gameplay: All the strategy and tactics that we have come to ...

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