Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon review
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon an example of what you shouldnt have done

The good:

Nothing Good

The bad:

All of this game is bad.


Alright, in the first place we will take the role of Marth, a prince who just lost his kingdom to an opposing country, typical for a Fire Emblem... until you kill the first boss and you get your very first units, a couple of cavaliers. Now if you approach Marth or move the cavalier near to Marth or vice-versa no "talk" option is shown, weird. After a few chapter gone forth you should be wondering if there are any supports available? Guess what? They are nonexistent in this game! Yeah all the stages are completely silent leaving aside the casual and inconsistent boss talk/ NPC/ Bandit or character that might join your group eventually.

Now onto the Gameplay before the history:

Its gameplay does not show anything new but grid thickness and we saw that already in Fire Emblem 10 (Radiant Dawn). Its gameplay is simple and straightforward: you move the square to your blue unit and make it execute one of 3 or one of 4 commands (talk/seize, Attack/Heal, Item, wait), no changes whatsoever in this.

For those who still haven't touched a Fire Emblem Game it's in a way similar to chess or the Japanese game GO. You have a set number of characters to display per map, once they kill enough enemies they will gain a level. Eventually they will level up to 10 and that's when you can use 1 of the several promotion items. I will give an example: you have a knight and leveled him up to the 10th level and you have in your possession either a master seal or a knights crest, you can promote your knight to general.

To move your character all you need to do is move the flashing square to a blue units. Each charcter has a class, particular stats and a weapon speciality. They can use 1 of 8 different kind of weapons, and these are divided into Physical (Swords, Axes, Lances and Bows all have 4 different grades of quality, bronze, iron, steel and Silver) and 4 magics (Fire, wind, Thudner darkness) not including the healing staves.

Also this game reintroduces a system we saw once in Fire Emblem: Gaiden, you can change the class of your character onto a set of new ones, but that does not mean a thing, due that your characters will be most of the time fine as their original class.

Now onto the Graphics: Ugly as Gheb (Gheb is the a boss from Fire Emblem 8 AKA the sacred stones, and he is the protagonist of the famous hack Gheb FE). Basically just grab semi 3D graphics from the 1st 8 games, and put them on full 3D with cell shading, uh oh that does not looks good. This thing has graphics so ugly that they cannot be justified by the year we are. The date is 2009 people, we know what the DS can and can't do, Fit would have allowed this kind of graphics back in the 1st days of the DS but at this high with 3 Final Fantasy games ON the DS having mid decent graphics it's simply stupid having ugly and bad drawn characters.

Gameplay and Graphics done let's jump onto history:

As I said before you take control of a Prince who wears a tiara, seems like Luke Cage was not the first one to wear a tiara >_>. Onto topic, old Fire Emblem had a good history, this should follow the same direction right? Nope sadly it's not, the history is way unbalanced due to removing supports of the play flattens out all the history so only a handful of characters have background at all. Marth is one as are Cain, Abel, Frey and Shiida are examples of this too, whereas quite a few other characters lack of it... including Tiki, for history per se is very easy to understand what's going on, you have this huge stupid king who invades an ally nation but then you find he wasn't the real guilty party but Medeus an earth dragon who was killed and banish somehow revived. Wait let's give a GOOD look at this, a creature stays dead when you kill it in a Fire Emblem unless you use the special revive staff but you don't get one of those until way later before endgame if I'm not mistaken, so now you have to kill the dragon once again, and the character sprite of the earth dragon looks like a mix between Morva, Myrh and a draco zombie of fire 8 uck.

Conclusions and score:

01 for history: at least they gave us an idea of what happened on one of the fire emblem games.

00 for graphics, even phantom hourglass did its job way better than this, and its one of the black ships of the zelda family, if not the first one.

00 for gameplay, doesn't adds nothing new that we already haven't seen in all the former 8 titles.


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mmstarforcemasters Jan 1, 10
SO NOT TRUE! this game is the best D.S. game ive ever played and the charecters are awsome. lets see you draw a charecter and animate that?! VERY HARD! so next time you post a review think on how hard it is to make a game.
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InsanityS Feb 2, 10
quote mmstarforcemasters
lets see you draw a charecter and animate that?! VERY HARD! so next time you post a review think on how hard it is to make a game.
If it's bad then it's bad, no matter what effort was put in.
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The Deathwind Jan 2, 10
If by "the characters are awesome", you mean "the characters are almost-blank slates", then yes. They are. =\

And I'm sure he's perfectly aware of how much work goes into making games. It's just such a shame when all that effort goes into a game that in no way lives up to the series it comes from.

(I still maintain that excellent 2D sprites are far more suitable for the DS than poorly done 3D models. Maybe next time, Intelligent Systems?)
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Duncan Idaho Jan 22, 10
"0 | reply
SO NOT TRUE! this game is the best D.S. game ive ever played and the charecters are awsome. lets see you draw a charecter and animate that?! VERY HARD! so next time you post a review think on how hard it is to make a game."

play final fantasy IV, Black sigil: blade of the exiled, castlevania: order of ecclesia, etc., all this games are gret games in the graphic are surpasing far beyond this black sheep of the fire emblem family, and im meaning it, for your information, fire emblem suffers from "progresive graphics evolution" there was a graphic improvment since FE3 to the 4th then to the 5th the graphics were polished once again, fro the 6th game we had new 2D graphics that looked good, for the 7th fire emblem the graphics were more polished lacking some details, this was fixed in fire emblem 8, then on fire emblem 9 we have 3D fully animated characters, on fire Emblem 10 the graphics of the 9th game were polished, now for Shadow Dragon this was a drawback, going off great 3D to crappy 3d, geez this fire emblem seets more fit for the play station than a DS,nad i do know how much effor is given to a game, but effort is not always wuality, and it would seem having 10 titles to backup this affirmation, this is a half assed job compared to previous games, and the 5 star difficulty is still not cut up for the fire emblem Saga, this is comming from some one who dared to play tharcia 776 and fire emblem 4, play those or the GBA games and compare.
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