Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Unlockables

Recruiting Units
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alan (Paladin) Chapter 16Visit the village to the left with Marth
Astria (Hero) Chapter 13Enemy, talk with Midia
Athena (Myrmidon) Chapter 6xVisit the village with Marth
Banutu (Mamkute) Chapter 7Visit the village with Marth
Beck (Shooter) Chapter 13Visit the village with Marth
Chainy (Commando) Chapter 16Enemy, talk with Marth
Chiki (Mamkute) Chapter 19Enemy, talk with Banutu
Daros (Pirate) Chapter 2Enemy, talk with Marth
Ellis (Cleric) Chapter 24Automatically from the start
Est (Pegasus Knight) Chapter 18Enemy, talk with Marth
Etzel (Sorcerer) Chapter 17xClear the chapter without killing him
Gato (Sage) Final ChapterAutomatically from the start (Only if you didn't go to Chapter 24x)
George (Sniper) Chapter 9Visit the village with Marth
Gordon (Archer) Last part of tutorialEnemy, talk with Marth (Automatically from the start if you're playing hard mode)
Horus (General) Chapter 12xClear the chapter without killing him
Hymir (Warrior) Chapter 20xTalk with Marth and complete the chapter
Jake (Shooter) Chapter 11Enemy, talk with Sheeda, must have visited village where Anna is (In same Chapter)
Kashim (Hunter) Chapter 2Enemy, talk with Sheeda
Katua (Pegasus Knight) Chapter 14Enemy, talk with Marth
Wendel (Sage) Chapter 5Enemy, talk with Marth or Marich
Lawrence (General) Chapter 20Enemy, talk with Marth or Sheeda
Linda (Mage) Chapter 11Visit the village with Marth
Machis (Cavalier) Chapter 4Enemy, talk with Rena
Maria (Cleric) Chapter 10Enemy, talk with Marth
Marich (Mage) Chapter 4Visit the northern village with Marth
Minerva (Dragon Knight) Chaper 10Enemy, talk with Marth, and must have recruited Maria
Nagi (Mamkute) Chapter 24xClear the chapter
Navarre (Myrmidon) Chapter 3Enemy, talk with Sheed
Paola (Pegasus Knight) Chapter 14Enemy, talk with Marth
Ricardo (Thief) Chapter 6Enemy, talk with Marth or Julian
Riff (Priest) Chapter 1Visit the western village with Marth
Roger (Knight) Chapter 8Enemy, talk with Sheeda
Samson (Hero) Chapter 16Visit the village to the right with Marth (Can only recruit either Samson or Alan not both)
Xane chapter???Enemy talk with marth
Jake, BallisticianAfter visiting the house with Anna in it, talk to him with Caeda.
Norne (archer) Prologue IVFinish Prologue IV with 4 of less characters in the party