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: : : : Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

by Binta   Updated to v1.2 on
 FAQ/Walkthrough and Character Guide (Double feature!)
  by: Binta
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What is this about?
This contains a "Q&A" form of a walkthrough. While it does contain a few hints
and strategies, it focuses more on the less obvious things that a preoccupied
player might not notice. It does contain some spoilers, but it does not provide
a full plot analysis, nor is it an instruction manual. This FAQ also contains a
brief character guide for both generations, as well as a basic pairing guide.
I, Binta, have made this FAQ. You can print it, use it freely, or post it. Do
NOT, however, plagiarize my stuff, sell it, or ruin it in some way. In short:
don't steal or defame my work in any way.
Thanks to:
-GameFAQs, for accepting this FAQ, for providing me useful information on this game
-Myself, for my hard work
-Nintendo, for great games like this
Version History

1.0 - (December 25, 2011) Initial release. Includes a basic FAQ/Walkthrough, a
     brief character guide, and the basics of the game's Pairing System. The
     character guide only covers playable characters, not other ones who are
     significant to the story.
1.1 - (March 21, 2012) Corrected some spelling and gramatical errors. Added more
     details to a few pairings, and comments for Ethlin. Also included Charisma
     in the skills section.
1.2 - (August 22, 2014) Revised a few things to minimize spoilers.

Of course, if you want to find things quickly, the first third of this FAQ is
the FAQ/Walkthrough portion, second third is the character guide, and the last
third is the pairing guide.

1. Using this guide
2. FAQ/Walkthrough
   -- Prologue
   -- Chapter 1
   -- Chapter 2
   -- Chapter 3
   -- Chapter 4
   -- Chapter 5
   -- Chapter 6
   -- Chapter 7
   -- Chapter 8
   -- Chapter 9
   -- Chapter 10
   -- Epilogue
3. Character Guide (First Generation)
   -- Sigurd
   -- Noish
   -- Alec
   -- Ardan
   -- Lex
   -- Azel
   -- Cuan
   -- Ethlin
   -- Fin
   -- Midir
   -- Aideen
   -- Dew
   -- Aira
   -- Jamka
   -- Deirdre
   -- Holyn
   -- Lachesis
   -- Levin
   -- Sylvia
   -- Beowulf
   -- Fury
   -- Claude
   -- Tiltyu
   -- Brigid
4. Character Guide (Second Generation, static characters) note: * = Substitutes
   -- Celice
   -- Radnay   *
   -- Rodolban *
   -- Mana     *
   -- Oifaye
   -- Dimna    *
   -- Tristan  *
   -- Julia
   -- Femina   *
   -- Amid     *
   -- Johan
   -- Johalva
   -- Leaf
   -- Fin
   -- Janne    *
   -- Shanan
   -- Daisy    *
   -- Aless
   -- Laylea   *
   -- Linda    *
   -- Asaello  *
   -- Sharlow  *
   -- Hannibal
   -- Altenna
5. Pairing Guide (Mechanics)
   -- Building Relationship Points
   -- General Information
   -- Inventory and Equipment
   -- The Fathers
   -- Skills
6. Pairing Guide (Pairings)
   -- Aideen (Lester/Lana)
   -- Aira (Lakche/Skasaha)
   -- Lachesis (Delmud/Nanna)
   -- Sylvia (Leen/Corple)
   -- Fury (Fee/Sety)
   -- Tiltyu (Arthur/Tinny)
   -- Brigid (Faval/Patty)

The FAQ/Walkthrough section is not a full-detail walkthrough, but a list of
common topics in each chapter, in Q&A form. This way, you can get basic tips and
pointers without getting too much help, or if you just need a quick reference.

There are a few things that a clueless person might not understand. You might
see two names with no spaces and an exclamation mark in between. The first is
who the father is, the second is the character. For example, if you see
Fin!Tinny, that means Tinny with Fin as her father.

Stats are abbreviated as follows:

HMP (Max HP) - How much damage a character can take before dying
STR (Strength) - How hard you can hit with physical attacks
MGC (Magic) - How hard you can hit with magical attacks and how much you can
     heal with healing magic. Also determines success with status-ailments
SKI (Skill) - Determines accuracy, and success with Critical and sword skills
SPD (Speed) - Determines evasion, and success with Pursuit, Continue, and Charge
LUC (Luck) - Improves accuracy and evasion
DEF (Defense) - Reduces damage taken from physical attacks
RES (Resistance) - Reduces damage taken from magical attacks. If your RES is
     higher than the MGC of someone casting a status-ailment spell, the spell
     will not afflict you. Some people also refer to this as MDF (Magic Defense)

Skills as passed down by potential parents. Sigurd, Deidre, Cuan, and Ethlin are
not mentioned in this section because they always have the same pairing.

Pursuit (Alec, Azel, Midir, Fin, Beowulf, Fury): If your attack speed is higher
     than the enemy's, you will attack a second time.

Continue (Jamka, Levin, Sylvia): There's a chance a given attack's number of
     hits multiplies by 2, same effect as a "Hero" weapon. Does not complement
     "Hero" weapons.

Nihil (Alec, Aira): Prevents Critical, Wrath, Moonlight, Meteor, and Solar.

Critical (Noish, Levin): Doubles attack power (not to be mistaken with double
     overall damage).

Charge (Noish, Midir, Jamka, Beowulf): Small chance of dragging on a battle for
     another round. A double-edged sword.

Ambush (Ardan, Lex): Attack first when below 50% HP.

Elite (Lex): Doubles EXP gained. Not just for fighting, but magic, thief giving
     gold, and dancing.

Meteor (Aira): Multiplies any given attack's number of hits by 5! With Continue
     or a Hero Sword, you could conceivably attack up to 20 times in one fight!

Prayer (Fin, Sylvia): Improves dodging when HP is 10 or below.

Bargain (Dew): Halves cost of purchasing or repairing items.

Solar (Dew): Leeches HP. Sword skill, so it's exclusive to non-mounted sword

Charisma (Lachesis): Allies within 3 spaces range of a unit with Charisma gets
     an additional 10% for their evade and accuracy.

Moonlight (Holyn): Nullifies defense. Sword skill, exclusive to non-mounted
     sword users.

Wrath (Tiltyu): Instant critical when below 50% HP.

Steal (class): Take all of victim's gold. Natural skill of Thieves only.

Dance (class): Give adjacent units an extra turn. Dancer only.

................................FIRST GENERATION....,...........................
Before you even begin, there are some general strategies that should help you
throughout the game.

[Weapons Triangle]
It's like rock paper scissors. Sword beats axe, axe beats lance, lance beats
sword. If you select the right weapon, you'll have an evade and accuracy
advantage. Magic works similarly. Fire beats wind, wind beats thunder, thunder
beats fire. Light and dark magic have an advantage over all other spells. Bows
don't suffer from any superiority or inferiority, but they can't be used as a
melee weapon.

[Save often!]
Unlike most war/strategy games where you have to play start to finish (having
interuption saves at best), you can save at the start of ANY turn if you haven't
moved any units at the start. Keep this in mind, because the chapters are large
and you probably will spend a few hours on each one. You might consider having
a backup file, in case you get in a jam where one or more of your characters
are doomed and need to go back to an earlier time.

[Manipulating the arena]
Unlike most FE games, the RNG [random number generator] for battle outcomes and
levelups are static until you make an action (cast a spell, win or lose an arena
fight, attack an enemy,). With a little trial and error, you can maximize your
stat gains on levelups and/or win fights you most likely wouldn't win. You can
even switch weapons in the middle of an arena fight, and that can sometimes make
the difference between winning and losing an arena fight.

[Boss AI]
When bosses run very low on health and/or you defeat all but 1 or 2 of their
soldiers, they will often try to retreat back to their home garrison to pick up
recruits. Retreating bosses won't attack even if you're blocking their escape.
Sometimes you can intentionally let bosses get reinforcements to help build

[Counter to a counter]
This trick only works with an emulator, not the actual cartridge. Even if you
reset, the game keeps track of the number of times you die, but you can counter
this by having a backup of your save file, and copying/pasting it to replace.

Q: Is it possible for Midir to hold out long enough for me to help him?
A: No, but don't worry because he recovers when you recruit him.

Q: Who would you recommend save the village far south to get the Speed Ring?
A: Fin. Sigurd and Alec are usually fast enough, Azel's movement doesn't let him
   see a lot of fighting anyway, and the others probably won't need it. It also
   helps Fin's evade since the majority of the early-game enemies are axe-users,
   which puts lances at a disadvantage.

...................................CHAPTER 1....................................
Q: How do I get the Return Staff?
A: Have Aideen talk to Ethlin.

Q: Does it make a difference if Azel or Midir talks to Aideen?
A: Depends who you want more to pair up with her, as whoever of the two will
   build their relationship points with Aideen.

Q: How do I get the Warp Staff?
A: After taking Genoa Castle, have Dew talk to Aideen.

Q: Crap!! Elliot and his men are advancing to my castle and I can't get there
   in time. Should I have kept someone at the home garrison?
A: Don't sweat it. Eltshan and his men will appear and trash Elliot's crew.
   I've never seen them reach Evans Castle, and I've never seen Eltshan's Cross
   Knights fail. At worst I've only seen one die.

Q: How do I recruit Aira?
A: You'll probably need to distract her while Sigurd sneaks his way in to rescue
   Shanan in Genoa. Aira might suicide onto Cuan or Sigurd if she attacks them,
   so you'll want Alec to come into play. He has Nihil, so at full health you
   don't have to worry about her Meteor Slash. If worst comes to worst and she
   pursues Aideen/Dew, have Dew get in the way. He'll still have to worry about
   Meteor Slash, but his high SPD means he won't have to worry about Pursuit,
   and his dodging rate is a bit better than most.

Q: How do I recruit Jamka?
A: Have Aideen talk to him. He won't attack her, but his troops might so you'll
   have to be careful. Make certain Jamka doesn't attack anyone, because he can
   easily kill even Cuan or Sigurd, so make sure to stay out of his range.

Q: Where is the Hero Axe?
A: You see that peninsula that extends to the center of the map? Carrying an
   Iron Axe, send Lex to the tip of that peninsula.

Q: Sandima's magic is too strong. How do I handle him?
A: Use Deirdre's Silence Staff, then attack as you normally would.

...................................CHAPTER 2....................................
Q: Who should I use to defeat Holyn in the Arena?
A: Holyn is much easier to defeat than Keimos is, so you might want to
   manipulate the arena so one of your weaker characters can fight him.

Q: How do I get the Light Sword?
A: Have Deirdre talk to Ethlin.

Q: How do I get the Thief Sword?
A: After helping Lachesis, have Dew talk to her.

Q: How do I get the Knight Bracelet?
A: Complete the chapter without any of the three Nodion Paladins dying. This
   isn't too hard if you keep Lachesis and her knights out of range, although
   you might not get to use her to her fullest.

Q: How do I get the Bargain Ring?
A: In order to have enough time to free the village that has the Bargain Ring,
   you'll need to conquer Heirhein Castle within 10 turns. Tricky. Your best
   bet is to reach Nodion and have your more basic units like Lex, Fin, or Midir
   clear the soldiers. There might be one guy in front of Elliot who you might
   need Cuan to kill with a Javelin. Have Sigurd attack Elliot and he should
   lose enough health where he retreats. Keep moving forward; don't have Sigurd
   fall back and talk to Lachesis even if he's in range.

Q: How do I get the Pursuit Ring?
A: If Ardan doesn't have a lover, send him to the peninsula on the western half
   of the map.

Q: How do I get the Hero Lance?
A: After taking Heirhein, have Cuan talk to Fin.

Q: Anyone can pay Beowulf 10000 gold to recruit him. Who do you recommend?
A: Anyone with a surplus of gold or someone who won't be spending much. Most
   likely, that will be Cuan or Fin. Not only do they usually have a surplus of
   money, but they are less likely to get killed if any enemies remain.

...................................CHAPTER 3....................................
Q: How do I get the Hero Sword?
A: This only works if Aira doesn't have a lover. If Lex and/or Holyn aren't
   paired up with anyone, have one of them talk to her. It IS possible to get
   the Hero Sword without pairing Aira with Lex or Holyn, and it's also possible
   to pair Lex or Holyn with some other woman.

Q: Is it possible to prevent Deirdre from leaving the castle?
A: Unfortunately, you can't. A running gag among players is to station a bunch
   of troops just before she leaves, and they all just sit there, doing nothing
   to prevent her from getting abducted.

Q: How do I get past the awesome power of Eltshan and his Mistoltin?
A: The pen is mightier than the sword here. While keeping out of Eltshan's
   range, slowly take out his Cross Knights as Lachesis works her way to talk to
   him. This can be difficult, as the remaining Cross Knights might kill one of
   your weaker units in the process, so keep trying until you get it right.

Q: I'm feeling daring. What if I wanted to fight Eltshan instead?
A: A lot of luck goes along the way. Eltshan's Mistoltin gives him the ability
   to critical. Most characters aren't strong enough to survive a regular hit
   from Eltshan, so needless to say, if he lands a critical hit you WILL die.
   Your only (already slim) chance of survival is to have Sigurd or Cuan with
   Ethlin's support hurt him a bit, and pray Eltshan doesn't critical. If Aira
   has enough HP and DEF, she might be able to take Eltshan because she has
   Nihil (she won't be in danger of criticals) and hope Meteor Slash works.

Q: How do I get the Wind Sword?
A: Send Dew to the Blaggi Tower.

Q: Cuan, Ethlin, and Fin leave when you complete the chapter. What items should
   they have?
A: Sell everything Ethlin has except her Light Sword. Sell everything Cuan has,
   but you might consider keeping a Return Bracelet on him. As for Fin, if he's
   paired just sell everything he has. If he's not paired, keep a Javelin and a
   Silver Lance for sure, and maybe even a Slim Lance.

...................................CHAPTER 4....................................
Q: How do I get the Hero Bow?
A: If Aideen was paired with Midir or Jamka by chapter 3, have her talk to
   whoever she was paired with.

Q: How do I get the Rescue Staff?
A: See above, but replace "Midir or Jamka" with "Azel".

Q: What's with Sylvia and Fury's argument when I place them near each other?
A: This only happens if BOTH of them and Levin are not paired up with anyone.
   It increases Sylvia's relationship points with Levin by 100, and Fury's with
   Levin by 50.

Q: How do I get the Defense Sword?
A: Have Sylvia liberate the second-to-last village.

Q: They raised the drawbridge! Now what?
A: Dew can open it up again by standing where it used to be. It's easy to
   distinguish, since the path leads up to it.

Q: Is it possible to help Mahnya or prevent Silesia from being overrun?
A: No, but you need Silesia to get overrun in order for those yellow/neutral
   units to get out of the way.

Q: Who do you prefer to use to save the Civilians?
A: Tiltyu, because she comes in late and at a low level. If I plan on pairing
   Azel with anyone, I make sure to save a few for him as well.

Q: How do I get Holsety?
A: After reclaiming Silesia Castle, have Levin enter.

...................................CHAPTER 5....................................
Q: How do I get the Rescue Staff?
A: If Aideen and Claude are lovers, Claude can give Aideen a Rescue Staff.

Q: I want to use the Tyrfing but the repair cost is outrageous!
A: Ignore the arena for Sigurd at the moment. Buy the Knight Bracelet, Leg Ring,
   and Elite Bracelet if Sigurd doesn't already have those. If he has any other
   items, keep them in storage until you get the Tyrfing. Sell the smaller items
   you won't be needing until you have about 10000-15000 gold. You can partially
   repair the Tyrfing so it has 10-15 uses, which SHOULD be enough for the rest
   of the chapter. Make sure it remains unbroken by the end of the chapter!

Q: How do I get that +5 SKI boost for Ardan?
A: He has to be paired up. You see that cliff with one lone village? Send him to
   the end there, and he'll find a book.

Q: How do I keep Cuan and Ethlin alive?
A: Unfortunately, you can't. But if you powered them up before they left, Cuan
   and Ethlin should be able to make your job a little easier when the Thracian
   Dragon Knights come after you.

Q: What items should I keep on Sigurd for Celice to use?
A: Knight Bracelet, Elite Ring, and Leg Ring. Make sure Celice has a good
   weapon, be it Hero Sword, Silver Sword, or Silver Blade. Once you've got that
   covered, buy any stat-boosting rings as you please.

Q: The Battle of Barhara...  B -> A if the father
passes down corresponding crusader blood.
   Holyn increases Sword ranking
   Azel increases Fire Magic ranking
   Lex increases Axe ranking (redundant, none of the Children are axe users)
   Levin increases Wind Magic (star level for Arthur, Sety, and Corple)
   Claude increases Staffs (star level for Sety and Corple)

...................................THE FATHERS..................................
Let's take a look at what each father has to offer. You might notice I didn't
list the weapons for some fathers, like Lex's axes or Noish's spears. This is
because none of their sons can start out with those weapon types, and you can
pass down weapons you acquire as long as the child can use it.

Key for reading stats:

---   = Poor
-     = Inferior
blank = Typical
+     = Improved
+++   = Premium

|Noish   |  +    +              -    -    +         |Critical, Charge          |
|Alec    |                 +                        |Pursuit, Nihil            |
|Ardan   |  +++  +++  -    ---  -    ---  +++       |Ambush                    |
|Azel    |       ---  +++  -    +++  -    -    +    |Pursuit                   |
|Lex     |  +++  +    -    -         -    +++       |Ambush, Elite             |
|Fin     |                 +         +++            |Pursuit, Prayer           |
|Midir   |  -    -              +    -              |Prayer, Charge            |
|Dew     |  -    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    |Bargain, Solar            |
|Jamka   |  +++  +++       ---       +              |Continue, Charge          |
|Holyn   |  +++            +++       -              |Moonlight                 |
|Levin   |  +++  ---  +++       +++  -    -    +    |Continue, Critical        |
|Beowulf |  +    +    -    +         -              |Pursuit, Charge           |
|Claude  |       ---  +++  -    +    +++  -    +++  |                          |

Basic comments about each father:

[Noish] Noish goes great with anyone who gets Pursuit or at least a Pursuit
     Ring. Critical, Charge, and his stats go great with multi-hitting. Without
     Pursuit or the Pursuit Ring, he's a little more questionable.

[Alec] Alec can safely be paired with anyone, since he offers Pursuit and
     reasonable growths. While he's typically not optimal for pairing, his kids
     are definitely useable because they don't get screwed up (other than
     Arthur). Nihil is purely situational.

[Ardan] Most people shy away from Ardan pairings, mostly because he's ugly, and
     especially because of Lex being all like "anything you can do I can do
     better". In some cases he isn't bad if you want something new or uncommon.

[Azel] Azel's advantages and disadvantages pretty much equal out. He does pass
     down Pursuit and his SPD lets you double reliably, but the weak spots can
     really show with some characters.

[Lex] Elite and the stats are the main selling points. The only real flaws, if
     any, are Lex's lack of Pursuit and he has trouble passing down weapons.
     Great for anyone who needs to build levels fast or wants to be a tank.

[Fin] Fin can be paired with anyone because he offers good growths and Pursuit.
     Just be warned it's difficult to pair Fin since he leaves early, and
     pairing him leaves him with an Iron Lance in chapter 7. Regardless, if he
     is the father of Lana, Lakche, or Nanna, they'll gain a +5 stat bonus in
     one category from him in chapter 7 (MGC for Lana, SKI for Lakche, and SPD
     for Nanna).

[Midir] Not the best stats, but the skillsets can create offensive powerhouses.

[Dew] Dew offers great growths, but a poor skillset. Pair him the same way you
     would Holyn.

[Jamka] See comments for Noish. Continue and Charge, if added with Pursuit,
     usually results in some good damage! But since he doesn't pass down
     Pursuit naturally and focuses on physical stats, some of his children can
     be a little lopsided. He ruins mages, so watch out for mage children.

[Holyn] Holyn pairings are very specific. There are only a few children who
     benefit from him being their father, and boy do they turn out great.
     Unfortunately he really messes everyone else up, so be careful.

[Levin] If it wasn't for the low STR and DEF I'd say he could actually be good
     for physical fighters because of good stats otherwise and his skillset.
     Still, they can't use Holsety, so he's best off with someone who can. Note
     that Fee, Leen, and Tinny can gain +5 in one stat in Chapter 9 (STR for
     Fee, DEF for Leen, and MGC for Tinny).

[Beowulf] Similar to Midir, but passes down swords instead of bows, and give or
     take a little in each stat. I'd say Beowulf is better overall. He goes
     good with just about any physical fighter, but beware of mages as mage
     children get screwed up by him.

[Claude] Be careful when pairing Claude. He absolutely ruins physical fighters
     and mages are a little iffy. His stats might go great for mages, but no
     skills is a bad thing. Only major advantage is high RES.

Skills as passed down by potential parents; not a complete list as some skills
can never be acquired by the children characters. Sigurd, Deidre, Cuan, and
Ethlin are not mentioned in this section because they always have the same
pairing, while the others can be customized.

Pursuit (Alec, Azel, Midir, Fin, Beowulf, Fury): If your attack speed is higher
     than the enemy's, you will attack a second time.

Continue (Jamka, Levin, Sylvia): There's a chance a given attack's number of
     hits multiplies by 2, same effect as a "Hero" weapon. Does not complement
     "Hero" weapons.

Nihil (Alec, Aira): Prevents Critical, Wrath, Moonlight, Meteor, and Solar.

Critical (Noish, Levin): Doubles attack power (not to be mistaken with double
     overall damage).

Charge (Noish, Midir, Jamka, Beowulf): Small chance of dragging on a battle for
     another round. A double-edged sword with weaker units like Patty, but it
     seems to work best with ranged attacks.

Ambush (Ardan, Lex): Attack first when below 50% HP.

Elite (Lex): Doubles EXP gained. Not just for fighting, but magic, thief giving
     gold, and dancing.

Meteor (Aira): Multiplies any given attack's number of hits by 5! With Continue
     or a Hero Sword, you could conceivably attack up to 20 times in one fight!

Prayer (Fin, Sylvia): Improves dodging when HP is 10 or below.

Bargain (Dew): Halves cost of purchasing or repairing items.

Solar (Dew): Leeches HP. Sword skill, so it's exclusive to non-mounted sword

Moonlight (Holyn): Nullifies defense. Sword skill, exclusive to non-mounted
     sword users.

Charisma (Lachesis): Allies within 3 spaces range of a unit with Charisma gets
     an additional 10% for their evade and accuracy.

Wrath (Tiltyu): Instant critical when below 50% HP.

Steal (class): Take all of victim's gold. Natural skill of Thieves only.

Dance (class): Give adjacent units an extra turn. Dancer only.

It should be noted that some skills say "soldier" and others say "civilian".
"Soldier" skills mean the character's class has it naturally, so they cannot be
passed down to children. Dew has Steal because he's a thief. Sylvia has Dance
because she's a dancer. Jamka and Holyn have Pursuit because of their class.
Lachesis and Dew gain Pursuit on promotion. Aira, Tiltyu, and Fury gain Continue
on promotion. Because these skills don't get passed down to children, that's why
I didn't include those characters in with the above lists.


This is where the game gets fun, and why it has infinite replay value. These are
just comments and recommendations on pairings, but that's probably why you came
here. To date, I have tried all but the following pairs. The untested ones I
think I have a pretty good idea about, but they need to be checked for accuracy.

  Aideen with: Dew, Claude, Holyn
    Aira with: Azel
Lachesis with: Jamka, Holyn
  Sylvia with: Fin, Jamka
    Fury with: Fin, Midir, Beowulf
  Tiltyu with: Noish, Dew, Jamka, Holyn
  Brigid with: (none, I tried them all out!)

Depending who you pair Aideen up with, Lester either becomes extremely helpful
or completely worthless. You can't exactly screw up Lana, since she's a healer
and stats and skills usually aren't necessary for her. Because of this, Lester
takes priority in Aideen pairings.

Ideally, you should look for someone who gives Lester good Strength and Pursuit
as a skill. All the better if he can use bows.

[Midir] If you're new to this game or want Lester to be useful without much of
     a hassle, go with this one. This is one of the two pairings that allow
     Lester to inherit the Hero's Bow, which is the selling point. Balanced
     growths and Pursuit are wonderful, and Charge is most beneficial with
     ranged attacks.

[Jamka] People debate whether Midir or Jamka produces the best Lester. Jamka
     gives Lester better stats and makes him stronger, but Midir has Pursuit
     whereas Jamka has Continue. If you can't think of anyone else who will
     benefit from the Pursuit Ring, you might want to go with this pairing.
     Jamka!Lester also makes better use of the Killer Bow than Midir!Lester,
     so if you prefer the Killer Bow over the Hero Bow for any reason, this is
     worth considering.

[Beowulf] This one is pretty good actually. Lester will have to make due early
     on without the Hero Bow, but once he gets it in chapter 9 he'll start to
     dominate as he would with Midir or Jamka as his father.

[Ardan] Good, but only if you promote Ardan. You could conceivably pass down a
     Killer Bow and maybe even a Steel Bow for Lester. With the Pursuit Ring
     Lester becomes pretty powerful as he can hit quite hard, and both kids will
     have great survivability. Another minor advantage, with Ardan you can just
     keep the Pursuit Ring on him; you don't have to worry about raising the
     funds to re-purchase it.

[Fin] Also a good pairing. Lester won't be a powerhouse, but he gets Pursuit
     and good STR, both which are critical for him. Lana also benefits from this
     pairing since she can gain +5 MGC by talking to Fin in chapter 7. Prayer is
     only mildly helpful for archers and healers, if helpful at all. Still, a
     decent enough pairing because both children benefit.

[Noish] Not as bad as it sounds. Lester needs the Pursuit Ring to truly be
     useful, but Charge and Critical work together quite nicely. Lester develops
     some pretty strong stats, and Charge works great with bow-users.

[Alec] Average. Stats will never be spectacular, but they are reasonable. Lester
     does get Pursuit and decent STR, both which are critical for him. Nihil is
     purely situational, so it probably won't come into use often, if at all.
     Nihil can help Lana contribute a bit in the final confrontation with
     Julius, since she won't have to worry about Wrath.

[Unpaired] You get Dimna and Mana instead of Lester and Lana. Mana is a healer
     and can always help out, though clearly inferior to Lana. Dimna gets
     Pursuit and reasonable growths. If he enters Isaac Castle, he gets +5 STR
     so he's off at a good start. They're pretty decent, especially by
     substitute standards.

[Levin] A bad pairing for Lester, but EXCELLENT for Lana. Lana's MGC, SKI, and
     SPD should max out with no problem, and her HP will be great as well. She
     can also use Elwind on promotion, thanks to Minor Holsety. Unfortunately,
     Lester gets screwed over, as he'll be pretty weak and lacking Pursuit.
     Hero Bow cancels out Continue and Killer Bow cancels out Critical, so while
     the skillsets are good at first, late-game Lester's use is quite limited.
     Quite possibly Lana's best father, but definitely one of Lester's worst.
     And since you'll lose Holsety, you should look for something else...

[Azel] Lester may get Pursuit, but his stats are pretty bad and an Iron Bow with
     this won't be getting him anywhere. Azel results in a wonderful Lana, as
     her stats at level 10 rival that of a promoted Lana with Midir as her
     father, and she can now use Elfire.

[Lex] This one's a little iffy. You do get a strong Lester and Elite greatly
     benefits Lana (if you spam staffs, you could get her promoted by chapter 8)
     but since Aideen's kids often keep out of range, the added durability isn't
     really needed. On top of this, Lester's offense isn't enhanced by anything,
     so he won't be very good at all.

[Dew] The kids do get pretty good stats and Bargain would help Lana quite a bit,
     but if you have Aideen pick up the Bargain Bracelet in chapter 2 you should
     have no need for this. No combat skills or inheritance hurts Lester quite a
     bit, so he suffers the same problem as Lex!Lester.

[Claude] If you make this pairing, Lester is hopeless. He's very weak physically
     and NO skills renders him almost unusable. The only consolation prize is 
     you can sell Claude's Reserve Staff and have Aideen buy it so she can pass
     it down to Lana, but the problem is Rescue and Reserve aren't really
     necessary for the early bits of the second generation, and Lana uses
     class-A staffs when she promotes so it isn't going to make a difference.

[Holyn] No. Don't even try this one out of curiousity, it's that bad. NO skills
     again, and Holyn doesn't even offer anything that would improve Lana.
     Lester does get better stats than he would with Claude, but he's useless
     this way.

Pairing Aira is a must! Her kids end up some of the best characters in most
incarnates, and they still manage to be good with Aira's worst pairings.

[Noish] Some may agree or disagree with me, but this is one of my favorite
     pairings in the game. The kids, while not tanks, are still strong enough
     and Critical added to the insane multi-hitting just wrecks havoc.

[Lex] The kids become TANKS! Add that to Aira's already insane abilities and
     they're powerful both offensively and defensively. Elite just makes them
     skyrocket to being some of the best characters in the game!

[Holyn] One of the most popular pairings, and for a good reason. This is the
     only pairing where both kids can use Holyn's Moonlight Slash. The stats
     also go wonderfully and Skasaha has no problem inheriting his father's
     equipment. Even though two sword skills cannot activate at the same time,
     you get two chances, so if Starlight fails to activate, you have a second
     chance in which the other skill activates. Highly recommended if you can
     easily accumulate 50-kill weapons for Lakche and Skasaha!

[Levin] Holy cow, this pairing is incredible. The STR/DEF isn't low enough where
     it shows, and the skillsets is one of the best I can imagine. With Continue
     you don't need the Hero Sword, and the kids score critical hits like crazy!
     If you don't mind not being able to use Holsety, I strongly suggest giving
     this one a try!!

[Jamka] This one is underrated. Not that Aira has low STR, but the kids will
     benefit from Jamka's insane STR. The kids won't need a Hero Sword, since
     Continue should activate enough. This lets you free the Hero Sword for
     someone who needs it.

[Dew] Another pairing a lot of people like. Like anyone inheriting Dew's
     growths, the kids will have great stats. Both kids can also make use of
     Solar Slash, enabling them to hold out the front lines for a long time.

[Ardan] Pretty similar to Lex, with slightly lower stats overall and minus the
     Elite skill. It's still a good pairing because Ardan's DEF covers where
     Aira may be lacking. High STR also helps.

[Beowulf] Charge goes great with the multi-hitting and the stats are very
     good. Noish and Jamka offer that and much more. Now I'm not saying it's a
     bad pairing (no such thing as Aira's kids sucking!), just saying it's
     nothing compared to the above.

[Fin] Prayer, when combined with Aira's SPD and the relatively light weight of
     most swords, enables the kids to dodge most attacks. Lakche also gains +5
     SKI from Fin in chapter 7, but chances are her SKI is almost maxed out,
     so it isn't going to help much, if at all.

[Midir] Same as Beowulf, give or take a few points in each stat. Since he
     can't pass down swords and his stats seem worse overall, this one isn't
     all too worthwhile.

[Claude] Claude, along with Azel and Alec, offer no new skills for Aira. Alec
     may have more balanced stats, but Claude's MDF can help out enough. If you
     really want, you can pair Skasaha with Julia, as he can safely give Julia
     the Lover's Support when fighting Julius, thanks to Aira's Nihil and
     Claude's RES. She can usually take out Julius on her own, and you won't be
     getting any critical hits, but if you just want to speed up the fight with
     added hit/evade...

[Alec] No new skills, and no standout stats. Better than nothing, but not
     recommended either.

[Azel] Aira's "worst" suitor, for the lack of a better word. Similar to Claude,
     with a marginally higher SPD and  significantly lower MDF.

[Unpaired] Radnay and Rodolban appear if Lakche/Skasaha don't. They can hold
     their own sufficiently enough with their decent stats and satisfactory
     skills, but they can never compete with Lakche/Skasaha.

This is another critical pairing. Like Lester, Delmud is one of the kids you
can screw up the worst. Nanna is consistently useful because she's a mounted
healer. As long as they get Pursuit they should be fine. If not, make sure
Delmud gets the Pursuit Ring.

[Fin] This one makes Nanna her best as a fighter, and Delmud's at his second-
     best. Prayer helps keep the two a bit safer, and she gets that +5 SPD from
     Fin in chapter 7, which is very nice. Arguably the best overall Lachesis

[Beowulf] Beowulf, Fin, and Azel all tie for the best Lachesis pairing, each in
     their own ways. Beowulf results in the best Beowulf and Nanna is a pretty
     good fighter, though I prefer Fin for Nanna.

[Azel] The superior MGC makes Nanna her best as a healer. Both kids can fight
     reasonably well, due to their Minor Hezul blood and Pursuit as a skill.
     DEF leaves a little to be desired, but it's at least enough.

[Lex] A great pairing if you can't think of anybody else who needs the Pursuit
     Ring. The kids become TANKS, letting them stay on the front line not only
     to inflict some damage, but keep up with Charisma. Delmud will need a
     Pursuit Ring, but when you do give it to him he'll be pretty powerful.
     Nanna will mostly be sticking to healing and staffs. The only problem is
     that it will be a pain to get swords for Delmud, since Lex uses axes and
     will be at a disadvantage against Shagaal. If you don't want to bother
     with that, have Lex pick up the Armor Cutter in chapter 2 and keep it.

[Alec] Good, but not great. Pursuit is the main point here, and Nihil enables
     Nanna to help out in the final battle not only to heal, but for Charisma
     as well.

[Midir] Like Beowulf, but stats aren't as great and lesser inheritance. At
     least the skillsets kick ass, to make up for that. A decent enough

[Noish] Delmud gets some pretty good stats and a great skillset. A great
     pairing for Delmud if you give him the Pursuit Ring. Nanna is kind
     of lame, so you'll probably resign her to healing and Charisma.

[Dew] Great stats for both kids, but that's mostly it. Bargain might help
     Nanna with the Earth Sword or staff repairs, but Bargain doesn't really
     help Delmud, who won't be able to fight well without the Pursuit Ring.
     At least you get a hilarious conversation in chapter 5 if you pair Dew
     with Lachesis. Not a very good pairing, but it isn't TOO bad either.

[Levin] A little lopsided. The kids will be missing Pursuit and Holsety goes
     to waste. Nanna has her moments in the Arena and Delmud needs the Pursuit
     Ring. Good for Nanna, but not good enough to make up for the loss of

[Jamka] Jamka's Strength doesn't help much since it's already high enough with
     Minor Hezul. Continue and Charge can come in handy, but Delmud learns
     Continue on promotion, and he'll need the Pursuit Ring.

[Ardan] Pretty dull, and the only major advantages for Delmud is great HP and
     possibible inheritance. Nanna will be pretty bad, and she'll have
     difficulty building levels.

[Claude] Delmud is doomed. Since Claude comes after you kill Shagaal, Delmud
     will be stuck with a crappy Iron Sword. Nanna gets to use class B
     staffs. Not worth it, since most of the class B staffs are better in
     other characters' hands, and Nanna will be a terrible fighter. Delmud
     won't be that strong and lacks any good skills, so your only hope of
     making him useful is to give him a 50-kill Hero Sword if you can.

[Holyn] The kids will have incredible HP and SKI, but nothing worth noting is
     offered. No skills mean they're pretty much limited ot just Charisma, and
     they'll be of little help in combat. Minor Odo's +1 Sword Mastery does
     nothing when Lachesis's Minor Hezul does the same. About the only good
     thing is Delmud has no trouble inheriting weapons.

[Unpaired] Tristan and Janne replace Delmud and Nanna respectively. Tristan is
     pathetic until he promotes, and then he becomes above-average. You'll be
     hard-pressed to get him there, as he only has Critical and average stats
     (save high HP). Better give him the Hero Sword, or he'll be worthless. You
     might want him to liberate the village in chapter 6 so the Skill Ring gives
     him more of a chance to critical. But the point of a character being good
     is that you're making as few corrections as possible. He looks kick-ass,
     however. Janne's only saving grace is that she's a mounted healer.

Sylvia's kids are pretty irrelevant. Neither healers or dancers are used for
combat, so skills and stats don't matter much. Do whatever you like, just don't
waste a guy you'd rather pair with someone else. There's very little you can do
to help Sylvia's kids, and when you do, the benefit is only marginal at most.

[Lex] Both kids really like that Elite skill, since they often have trouble
     building EXP. The extra HP and DEF also makes Leen quite survivable, even
     though she typically stays out of range anyways.

[Dew] Bargain helps both kids greatly, since they usually have a harder time
     making money. Corple gets surprisingly good stats. Theoretically, Solar can
     mess up Leen's Prayer, but realistically that's not going to happen when it
     doesn't activate very often, and when it does it restores miniscule amounts
     of HP.

[Levin] This one is not so recommended. Corple does get Holsety, but he can't
     use it until he's promoted. In all likelihood, you'll be so close to
     finishing the game by the time Corple's ready you'll have missed out on
     most of the moments Holsety would've come in handy.

[Alec] Not many people recommend this one, but it's actually pretty good.
     Pursuit helps Leen's arena, and with Nihil you might be able to take a
     chance and have her Dance during the final confrontation against Julius.

[Claude] One of the only two pairings where Claude's son can use the Valkyrie
     Staff. Also since netiher are fighters, you might want to go with this one
     on your first playthrough in case you need to revive somebody.

[Noish] Critical is actually more helpful than you might imagine. Although it
     will not activate as often as you might like, it certainly helps reduce
     Leen's repair costs, since she completely breaks her weapons in the Arena.

[Unpaired] Some people argue the replacement characters Laylea and Sharlow are
     actually better than Leen and Corple. Indeed, Layela does get Charisma and
     the exclusive Barrier Sword, and Sharlow gets Elite and a Berserk Staff.
     Sharlow's stats seem more relevant than most Corples, so here are two
     substitute characters who have a good chance of being better than the real
     characters! Problem is Laylea won't be doing anything in the Arena.

[Holyn] This allows Leen to use class B swords... but since you can't just trade
     items and have to sell/buy to do that, she probably won't be using the Hero
     Sword as much as you might like. Still, it's at least worth noting.

[Midir] Pursuit can help Leen in the Arena, and so can the decent SPD. Charge
     doesn't make an impact in the Arena and you'll want to keep her out of
     combat anyways.

[Beowulf] Literally the same as Midir, since the stat differences will be so

[Azel] I thought at first Leen would be good with a magic sword, but those
     swords become physical weapons in the Arena so the extra MGC won't help.
     Pursuit does, though. Good stats for Corple though.

[Ardan] Nothing worth mentioning, but the same could be said of most Sylvia

[Jamka] Continue is wasted and Charge isn't helping Leen in any way. Stats mean
     nothing so this is one of Sylvia's worst pairings.

[Fin] More trouble than it's worth. Fin's Prayer is wasted and there are other
     guys who pass down Pursuit and more. Since this one is damn near impossible
     to make happen and it leaves Fin with just an Iron Lance, ignore this one.

Fury gives birth to Pegasus Knight Fee and Sage Sety. They get most of what they
need from their mother (Pursuit for both, flight for Fee) and Sety always starts
out good. You can influence their overall quality quite a bit, but they're
always useful.

[Levin] The ultimate pairing. Sety becomes so overpowered it's almost sickening.
     Levin's stats, skills, and Holsety were just made for Sety. Fee gets good
     stats (other than a marginally lower STR/DEF) and both kids make excellent
     use of Levin's skillsets.

[Lex] Arguably one of the best incarnates of Fee, because she gets some of her
     best stats and Lex's skills. Sety will do pretty good considering the
     skillset. His MGC won't rise much, but it's at least enough. He becomes
     more of a "tanky" mage rather than a powerful one.

[Noish] A great pairing for Fee. Unlike Levin's Continue which is nullified
     when using Hero weapons, Noish's Charge can still activate. They both
     offer Critical, and Noish's stats will put fee off at a better start.
     Sety will do fine, if only because of the skills and not the stats.

[Claude] Another great pairing for Sety. His stats will be great and this is
     one of the only two pairings that can give the Valkyrie Wand. Fee can also
     use class B staffs upon promotion. The only problem is Fee will have a
     fairly average STR. Since it's easy to accumulate 50 kills with the Hero
     Lance, the lack of Levin's skills is nullified. With an impressive RES,
     Fee becomes invaluable for scouting ahead in the epilogue to eliminate
     those 5 Sleep Staff guys up on the hill.

[Holyn] Fee can use rank-A swords now, but since she typically sticks to the
     Hero Spear, it probably isn't going to help at all. Only time it would is
     if you want Fin to use the Hero Spear. The stats are pretty good though, to
     make up for the lack of new skills. Fee gets more criticals with a 50-kill
     Hero Spear, and Sety gets great base stats since Holyn is easy to build.

[Dew] This gives some of the best stats for Fee, and Sety should be good as
     well. Skillset isn't overly helpful, as Sety and especially Fee have an
     easy enough time making money in the arena (and Fee being able to fly to
     villages quickly), so they're probably the ones who benefit from Bargain
     the least.

[Alec] Nihil does prevent critical hits from Arrows that hit Fee. It's alright,
     but the benefit is only marginal at best, and there are better pairings.
     Nihil comes in most handy for Fee at the start and end of chapter 8.
     More for novelty than anything.

[Fin] Prayer can come in handy, since Fee and Sety are pretty fast. They'll be
     pretty good at dodging, but nothing new is offered offensively. At least
     they get balanced stats. Still, considering how difficult it is to get
     this pairing and how there's better ones, it isn't worth leaving Fin with
     an Iron Lance by pairing him with Fury.

[Azel] A bad pairing for Fee, but pretty good for Sety. While Fee is always
     useful since she flies and gets Pursuit from her mother, her stats become
     lackluster and no new skills are added for her. Sety gets great stats and
     can use Volcannon, but considering the weight and availability, you'll
     probably stick to his original Lightning Tome.

[Jamka] A pairing that favors Fee. She gets very good growths, but Continue is
     most likely useless because Fee typically uses the Hero Lance, and she
     gets Continue on promotion anyways. Unfortunately, this is one of the
     worst incarnates of Sety. Jamka's STR is useless for mages, and his
     weaknesses really show with Sety. Since Sety's class gives him Continue
     naturally, Jamka's Continue is wasted.

[Beowulf] Good stats for Fee, but bad for Sety. Charge isn't enough to make up
     for it.

[Midir] See above, but Fee is a little worse and Sety is a little better.

[Ardan] Doesn't do much for Fee. She'll be strong, but not noticably so. Sety
     gets such horrible growths, he's more or less another Oifaye. One of Fury's
     least impressive pairings.

[Unpaired] Femina is Fee's replacement, and Hawk is Sety's replacement. Femina's
     stats aren't too bad, but she's missing Pursuit so she's off at a bad
     start. Hawk is great, comparable to Azel!Sety.

Tiltyu has the mages Arthur and Tinny. The top pairings are all radically
different from each other, so it's pretty difficult to provide general
guidelines here. Arthur and (to a lesser extent) Tinny can either do really
good if you make a good pairing, or end up sucking completely if you make a bad

[Levin] Early game Holsety for Arthur? Makes the game a breeze. Sety may be more
     powerful, but Arthur becomes mounted when he promotes. He's powerful
     enough with just Holsety, but you might want to give him the Pursuit Ring
     to maximize his firepower. Tinny might be at a bit of a loss, but she's
     sufficient and it's worth it when Arthur becomes so versatile.

[Lex] Love it or hate it, I thought the kids were fantastic, especially after
     Tinny promoted. Wrath and Ambush always activate together and result in a
     deadly combo. It's just the lowish MGC and lack of Pursuit that turn some
     people off. I wouldn't recommend this one to beginners, but definitely
     give it a try when you've beaten the game at least once!

[Fin] I liked this one. People thought I was in for a disappointment because of
     the MGC, but I thought the overall results were decent enough. Even
     though Wrath activates with 1-50% HP and Prayer 1-10 POINTS HP, most hits
     send Arthur/Tinny into Prayer's range so they can blast their enemies
     more safely. MGC may be a little more problematic, but since it's so
     easy to clear the arena with Pursuit+Wrath+Prayer, you can alleviate this
     with RNG abuse.

[Unpaired] If Tiltyu doesn't have children, you'll get Amid and Linda instead
     of Arthur and Tinny. Amid gets some pretty impressive stats, and Continue
     is great with light-weight Wind Magics. He's much better than crappy
     Arthurs, I can tell you that. Linda has very good stats where it matters
     and she gets Wrath and Elite for her skills. She also starts as a Thunder
     Mage, so unlike Tinny she can use Tron at first opportunity. Linda is one
     of the better substitute characters, and arguably better than most
     versions of Tinny.

[Midir] Decent. No stat is going to dazzle you and there aren't any skills that
     complement Wrath's range, but Pursuit and Charge can result in some
     multi-hitting. So you get Pursuit/Charge at high health, Pursuit/Wrath at
     low health. Not bad.

[Azel] I don't know... most people consider this the optimal "tried and true"
     pairing. I did it on my first playthrough and wasn't pleased. I thought
     this was due to my inexperience so I tried it on a later playthrough and
     still wasn't pleased. Try it if you like, not sure what to say though.

[Claude] Not such a bad pairing but not a very good one either. Solid stats, but
     only Wrath gets inherited. Tinny can use rank-A staffs on promotion.
     Because she has slightly better movement than Corple or Lana and can clear
     the arena easily, she just might be the best candidate for the Reserve
     Staff. Arthur will NEED the Pursuit Ring or he won't be all too great.

[Ardan] Definitely a step down from Tiltyu+Lex. The one stat Ardan does better
     (STR) is moot since Tiltyu's kids are mages and don't need it. And they'll
     never get Elite. Tinny's decent enough and becomes fairly good after
     promotion. Arthur, on the other hand, is just hopeless.

[Beowulf] A step down from Midir. Tinny's not too bad and she gets a good
     skillset, but Arthur's stats are pathetic. Don't expect him to be overly

[Alec] Arthur sucks the same way Azel!Lester does. Even with Wrath and Pursuit,
     he isn't getting anywhere. Tinny doesn't get it so bad, since she has more
     of her mother's stats instead.

[Dew] This one is not recommended at all. Tinny doesn't acquire Dew's Solar even
     when she's promoted, and the MGC is just slightly better than most, but it
     just isn't enough with nothing else added to their offensive capabilities.

[Noish] Pretty much pointless. Why Critical when you have Wrath? The stats don't
     go good with Mages either, and the kids will be lacking any true forms of

[Jamka] Continue, but that's it. At least Amid has solid stats to back it up,
     but Arthur will be pathetic. Tinny will be poor too.

[Holyn] Tinny doesn't inherit sword skills when promoted, so the kids only have
     Tiltyu's Wrath skill. Holyn's stats aren't such a good match for mages,
     either. When promoted, Arthur can use class A swords and Tinny can use
     class B swords, but this is so not worth it.

Brigid yields the bow fighter Faval and thief Patty. Faval inherits the Ichival
and his class always gives him Pursuit, so he gets most of what he needs from
his mother. He'll range from average to awesome. Patty doesn't get what she
needs from her mother, so try to alleviate this the best you can.

[Lex] I think Lex is the best suitor for Brigid. Since they often start at a
     somewhat low level, Patty and Faval will make best use of Lex's Elite
     skill (Faval is locked to bows, every little bit helps Patty). The added
     durability certainly helps Patty. Faval also becomes quite strong. Ambush
     helps Patty maximize her Sleep Sword in the arena.

[Beowulf] A very good pairing. Faval should become quite strong with his stats
     and Charge added to his skillset. Patty also benefits from Pursuit, the
     stats are better than you might think, and she can inherit swords.

[Fin] You might consider this one if you're focusing on alleviating Patty's
     weakness. Pursuit helps her offense enough, and she's generally frail
     enough where one hit will send her into Prayer's range. Faval doesn't
     really get much other than decent stats; Pursuit is wasted and Prayer
     doesn't really help ranged fighters.

[Jamka] An excellent pairing for Faval, but kind of bad for Patty. If you
     thought Jamka kicked ass in the first generation, he's back, his name is
     Faval, and now he can use the Ichival! Probably Faval's best father.

[Levin] A very good pairing because it considers both kids rather than favoring
     one or the other. DEF isn't neccessary and if you're concerned about
     Faval's STR, that's what he has the Ichival for. Levin's skillsets are
     excellent with Faval's class. And you'd be surprised at what Patty can do
     with a Skill Ring! I still say Jamka produces the best Faval and Fin or
     Lex produce the best Patty, but like I said, this pairing doesn't favor
     one or the other. Still... are you willing to give up Holsety? It's viable.

[Dew] Dew is a good choice here. Patty can use Dew's Solar Slash, but that's not
     what makes this one of the most effective Brigid pairings. The stats all
     rise nicely for both kids and both kids really appreciate that Bargain
     skill. Faval can repair the Ichival cheaply and rely on it entirely. Patty
     can minimize costs and allow her to give more gold.

[Holyn] This one is quite popular among people. Holyn does allow Patty to use
     Moonlight and rank-B swords, enabling her to use the Hero Sword and almost
     be combat-viable. Faval doesn't get any new skills and has to rely on
     his class's Pursuit Skill, but he should be fine with his stats.

[Alec] Good, but not great. Patty gets Pursuit and can inherit the Wind Sword.
     Because Faval and his Ichival are strong enough and he has Nihil, he
     ..can.. fight Julius, but he'll still have to worry about Julius' Charge
     skill, where he'd be in danger of getting hit more than once, and he
     likely won't survive that. Still, a safe enough pairing worth trying
     even if you don't send Faval to fight Julius.

[Midir] Charge for Faval, but other than that nothing too worthwhile for him.
     At least Patty's SPD can help and she gets Pursuit. Not great, not crap.

[Noish] Not as potent as I predicted. I thought at first Ichival+Critical would
     be devastating, but sadly it doesn't activate often in Faval's case (must
     have been my bad luck). At least Charge helps him become somewhat of a
     multi-hitter and he's fairly strong. Nothing too worthwhile for Patty, but
     other than being able to inherit the Wind Sword.

[Ardan] This one isn't bad. Faval should be quite strong this way and Patty can
     inherit the Wind Sword, so she's off at a better start. Not the best
     pairing, but it's at least safe. Ambush helps Patty use her Sleep Sword to
     its most.

[Azel] No skills for Faval and his stats aren't so good either. Patty gets
     Pursuit, but that's about it. I wouldn't recommend this one.

[Claude] No skills, stats don't go well in either kid's case, and Valkyrie is
     wasted. While Faval doesn't "suck", he's definitely lackluster compared to
     all his other incarnates.

[Unpaired] Asaello and Daisy replace Faval and Patty respectively. Asaello
     sucks. Not because he'll never get the Ichival, but his growths just aren't
     enough to keep up with the standards against your enemies. Daisy might have
     Prayer, but unlike Fin!Patty she's strictly limited to stealing money from
     enemies with 1 HP left or those who can't fight back.


It isn't worth pairing Fin with Aira, Sylvia, or Fury. HOWEVER Lachesis, Tiltyu,
Aideen, and Brigid are more viable.

If you don't want to think too hard about what pairings to make, here are some
optimal combinations.

"Common" Optimal - If you ask most FE4 veterans, they'll suggest these:
[Aideen + Midir]
[Aira + Lex]
[Lachesis + Beowulf]
[Sylvia + Claude]
[Fury + Levin]
[Tiltyu + Azel]
[Brigid + Holyn]

"My" Optimal - These seem more effective if you're already familiar:
[Aideen + Midir]
[Aira + Noish]*
[Lachesis + Fin]
[Sylvia + Dew]
[Fury + Claude]
[Tiltyu + Levin]
[Brigid + Lex]

*If you accumulate and keep 50-kill weapons on Lakche/Skasaha, you can
substitute Noish with Holyn. Fin is not easy to pair, but well worth the effort
with Lachesis. Claude gives a strong Sety and Fee has high RES, and frees Levin
for Tiltyu. Levin is better than most potential suitors for Tiltyu. Patty and
Faval make best use of Elite, while Leen and Corple make best use of Bargain. I
can universally agree with Aideen+Midir.