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Fire Emblem: Awakening Tips

Tips on upgrading characters quickly
If you are having trouble upgrading the huge selection of characters in this game then these are the tips for you!

*Use reeking boxes.

Even though the DLC maps are an alright place to upgrade your characters, you might wan't to stay away from this, because even though it's effective, it's also very time consuming. I found the best way to upgrade your characters quickly is to buy about ten Reeking Boxes and place them in order from the first level onward.

After you do this, bring just the one character of interest to the maps and have him or her kill everything each map. Ensure you turn the battle sequences off and skip the enemy actions to make things go quickly.

If you are having trouble affording Reeking Boxes simply download the Golden Gaffe map. Doing this will allow you to make all the money you need to have success.

*Use the Champions of Yore 1 map for upgrading very weak characters.

If you are having trouble upgrading really weak characters (this can happen on harder modes) after chapter five then this is the map you want. There are few enemies plus you have support from allied units, I also bring a healer to help out the weak unit.

*Always pair up the unit you are upgrading.

Pairing up the unit you are upgrading through all the maps can also allow you to build support relationships with several characters very quickly.