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Simply a Game for Young People

The good:

-Clean graphics
-Some cool music
-Fun for young gamers
-A good number of levels

The bad:

-Boring for older gamers
-Can get frustrating
-Limited level variety
-Not very true to the movie


When I first saw the movie, I absolutely loved it. So it was no surprise that I enjoyed the game. But then I got older, and now I'm sick of the movie. So the same goes for the game. What does that mean? This game is only worthy of young gamers younger than 12.

Graphics: 8.5This is one of the few movie-based games that look good. The characters are smooth and clean, and they move realistically. But they just aren't as detailed as they should be. They look awkward compared to their movie counterparts. The backgrounds are much better. You can't see too much of them, and a lot of th...


Very similar to other Gameboy Advance games, but fun.


Finding Nemo is the story of a clown fish from Coral Reef called Marlin, who is searching the ocean for his son Nemo, who was kidnapped by divers. Along the way, Marlin meets a forgetful fish called Dory, who helps him in his search. The box is colourful, and shows some good images.

The Graphics-
The usual game view is from the side but there are a few different levels where the view is behind. The game is colourful and all of the fish look different. The backgrounds are also created with thought, as they vary quite a bit. There is no speech in this game, instead, text is displayed in a speec...


Fun Fot The Kiddies

The good:

+ Has the charcaters from the film
+ Kids aged 3 to 8 will like it
+ Uses clips from the film

The bad:

- Very simple and easy [good though for younger gamers]


I do happen to own this game and have actually played it a bit. I havnt played it much though so i dont know that much about it.

I can say that after completing some levels i see their are cutscenes from the film which is a nice little touch for younger viewers.

I recommend that the ages of 3 to 8 play this but all ages can play it and enjoy it some how cos it is a good game so dont think its bad cos its a kiddie film but dont think highly of it either.

If i remember correctly you can collect stars and they might unlock something but i have only played 8 levels and i really do not want to play...


Finding Nemo: One Great Game (For Kids.)

The good:

The amazing backround imagery. It is truly the best... ever in a child game.

It also mixes real movie sequinces with play, like Enter the Matrix.

Finally, Finding Nemo has lots of levels, which makes this game worth your buck(s).

The bad:

The only thing realy wrong is it controls.


If you saw the movie, go to Blockbuster and rent yourself a great kids game.

Bottom Line: It's much better than Shrek's RPG-like mess.

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