Final Fantasy X-2 HD review
A worthy sequal

The good:

Battle System
Side Quests
1000 Words

The bad:

Feels like an expansion
very childish parts


Most people dont like this game and feel its the worst final fantasy installment yet. I agree that it is not as good as FFX but it is still a great installment with many hours of solid fun.

The graphics are very similar to FFX so dont expect any big changes. The world map is the same except you are able to go anywhere in the world from the start of the game. The story-line is a little weak but this is made up for by all the sidequests which make up over half of the game. The battle system is one of the best in any RPG to date as well. Its fast and quick and always puts you in the action. I should also mention blitzball which makes a return, but this time you are the coach of the team and train your players win the cup.

FFX-2 is a great game but may be more appealing to the younger audience though. But If you are a final fantasy Fan then this game shouldnt be missed.

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