Final Fantasy X-2 HD review
FFX Returns in Square-Enix's first ever sequel!

The good:

- FFX-2 is very different from FFX, and involves a completely different storyline. Also, you gain the airship at the start of the game, after the first mission.
- The graphics are Fantastic, honestly probably the best currently on PS2.
- The game straight away throws action at you, which makes for quick learning of the new battle and character growth system, though can also be confusing.
- The new game plus makes it actually possible to get 100%, and the multiple endings are another good thing.
- The sidequests are numerous and difficult, and the game will take you ages and at least three tries to beat Fully without a guide, so there's lots of replay value.

The bad:

- Blitzball has been neglected to make way for sphere break, and now you cannot control your players, but act as the manager, watching them play.
- The Airship is only allowed to fly to well known existing places, meaning no secret temples like the omega ruins.
- It's the first game not to use summoning!
- You cannot customize your character's weapons, and only accessories can grant your character extra powers.
- There are only three characters playable in the game, which makes for easier level-ups but maybe makes the game a little to easy. Plus there are no character overdrives, but instead a special dressphere that you must find is activated when you visit all the spaces on your garment grid in a battle.
- The battle system can be confusing and hectic at the start.
- Oh, and some may think it's all a bit girly, no joke.


First off, I would recommend that you do not play this game if you have not already beaten FFX, as it tries to clear up the story so far, but doesnt do a very good job of it.

The real time battle system is next. The new Dressphere/Garment grid battle system is very confusing at the start of the game, as it throws you straight into an action scene, and you have no idea what is going on. But after a while, the system quickly becomes simple and automatic, as you learn to cope with the real-time. As you advance through the game, you collect more 'Dresspheres' that give you new abilities to learn with AP gained from battles, and a new outfit in battle. Garment grids are the tablets onto which dresspheres are put to be switched in battle, and some contain magic and special powers, which can be used by getting through or to certain special positions on the grid.

Next, the graphics. They have got to be some of the best cutscene graphics I have ever seen on a Playstation 2. They surpass (barely) even the cutscene graphics of FFX. Buut... The field and battle graphics aren't anything special, they are nearly exactly the same as FFX. They are good, none the less!

Music. Nothing special, nothing really very new, nothing to make you just stop, press the pause button and turn up the sound to listen (à la One Winged Angel), but it isnt bad. You barely notice it, actually. I'll comment on one part, though, Squeenix decided to get some pop singer to do Yuna's singing scenes, so anyone who likes of that sort of thing will be impressed. Ish. Maybe.

The storyline is a little poor, as FF games go. It's not bad, but means nothing for more than half the game unless you have played FFX. It follows on pretty well from it's prequal, and offers a host of new characters to talk to and get to know. The numerous mini games and sidequests are quite large, but can be hard and frustrating. The new game plus feature gives it a little more replay value, and makes it physically possible to complete 100%. Though it can be a bit girly at times, and I really mean this is a downside regarding the types of people who have played previous FF's and enjoyed them (not everyone, but take me for instance), and the Story is VERY linear. But other than that, it's not bad. Not bad at all. A crap ending, though, unless you get the secret one.

Overall, I'd say this is one of my least favourite FF's of all time. It's not a bad game, it just doesnt live up to the expectations and hype that surrounded it around it's release. Also, there's NO SUMMONING >:[

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